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Highlights From the 'Basketball Wives' Reunion and Evelyn Lozada Explains Her and Jennifer's Relationship Now (Video)

Reunion Highlights

Last night was Part II of the Basketball Wives reunion which wrapped up season 4 of VH1's hit reality show. 

I must say I was shocked with the reunion outcome from this season. There were no fights, none of the ladies got out of their chairs (only to hug) and they kept the cursing to a minimum and actually talked things out with one another... something we weren't used to seeing during the season.

So the ladies got their stuff together to show viewers there is more to Basketball Wives than the arguments, cursing and fights.

The reunion host, John Salley made a point to mention some of the good on this season.

It was nice seeing Royce blossom in her career throughout the season. She used the show as a platform to start off her acting career. But, now she seems like the odd ball in the group. 

Royce didn't talk to the ladies during the reunion, only to John who addressed her in Part II. She pretty much sat there and had nothing to say during the first part. She did however mention that her and her boyfriend, NFL player Desmond Briscoe are still together.

I really don't see the point of Royce being in any future Basketball Wives shows since she distanced herself from most of the ladies during this season.

One thing that wasn't mentioned during the reunion is Royce and Tami's friendship and where they stand now. During the season finale, Tami was upset that Royce was more on Kesha's side and Tami even said her friendship with Royce may be over. 

Tami vs. Kesha

It's obvious these two still don't like each other. Tami kept trying to clear up that she is not a bully and that she was merely looking for Kesha to stand up for herself. She said Kesha was known for talking behind everyone's backs and not approach them to their faces.

"You feel bullied because you are unable to speak up for yourself," Tami said to Kesha.

Tami has apologized since then for the way she came at Kesha during their trip in Tahiti, but Tami said her message still remains the same.

When John asked Kesha if she regretted leaving Tahiti early after her and Tami's drama, Kesha said she didn't regret it because she didn't feel safe and just wanted to go home.

Kesha said she wasn't trying to get into a physical altercation and she had nothing more to say to Tami. 

Kesha feels as if she should have been able to talk to Royce about Tami, but she wishes she didn't say anything to Suzie since she went back and told Tami everything. 

Suzie was called out for being a snitch - which she is.

"Kesha shut the f*ck up. I didn't say sh*t and I'm not gonna take the blame for it," Suzie said.

Evelyn interjected and said Suzie gets a bad rap. Yeah right.

Evelyn vs. Kenya

This bottle drama got squashed quick when Evelyn apologized to Kenya in Tahiti. Evelyn said on the reunion that no one should have a bottle thrown at them and Kenya said she respected Evelyn's apology.

John should have asked Kenya whether or not she was getting ready to beat Evelyn's a** on the Tahiti trip before Evelyn apologized to her, because miss thang looked mighty pissed while she was sitting face-to-face with Evelyn for the first time after the incident.

Lie Detector Test Results

Feuding ex-friends Jennifer and Evelyn participated in lie detector tests during the reunion where they were both asked a series of questions about the other.

Evelyn was asked: Do you currently miss your relationship with Jennifer?

She answered no, the lie detector said her answer was false.

John jokingly called Evelyn a punk a** because deep down inside she knows she misses Jennifer.
Did you peep Evelyn's shoes!?

Jennifer was asked: Are you jealous of Chad and Evelyn's relationship?

She answered no, but the lie detector test said her answer was false.

Jennifer was asked: Do you currently miss your relationship with Evelyn?

She answered yes and was telling the truth.

It looks as if there is some series legal matters going on between Jennifer and her ex-friend Nia (Evelyn's assistant who smacked Jennifer in the face). 

Shaunie was telling Jennifer to let the lawsuit go because Nia could potentially go to jail. Jennifer looked as if she had no care in the world and she's still pursuing legal action. In fact, during part I of the reunion, John stated that Nia wouldn't be apart of the reunion due to legal matters. 

Evelyn and Jennifer hugging it out
Shaunie also got a bit emotional over Jennifer and Evelyn not being friends anymore. She said they all have been through so much and for them to get to that point is not worth it. 

Then, John did something that I didn't even see coming. He brought Jennifer and Evelyn together in the middle of the stage and they hugged it out!

Evelyn was tearing and she told Jennifer that things went too far and said she's sorry for saying things and hurting Jennifer's feelings.

What is the fate of Basketball Wives?

Well, Shaunie said this was a tough season, being that she's the producer of the show and she personally knows all of the ladies.

"Although you guys see a lot of drama and a lot of stuff, most of us have kids and that's our life," she said to the audience and viewers.

Shaunie was happy to see her
two friends speaking again
Shaunie said everyone on the show has to do a better job at portraying themselves. She also said the viewers can be judgmental and they don't know the Basketball Wives ladies personally. 

She felt a lot of guilt and partially responsible for all this season's mess because she asked Jennifer and Evelyn to come on the show and didn't think them not talking would be the outcome of being on television.

At the end, she did announce that there will be a season 5. 

So, will the drama continue next season? Will the same eight ladies be on season 5 or will we see some new faces? And will Jennifer and Evelyn ever truly be friends again?

We also learned that Evelyn and Chad will get their own spin-off show which will show their wedding, and Evelyn said she's glad that viewers will get to see a different side to her.

Evelyn speaks about her and Jennifer's friendship on Hot 97

Evelyn Lozada happened to stop on by to New York radio station Hot 97 this morning. She discussed her future on Basketball Wives, whether she truly misses Jennifer or not and if the two are friends or not. 

"I don't wish her (Jennifer) anything bad or negative. Things just went too far. So we're not friends right now. There's so much going on legally with people that I'm friends with so it's kind of sticky. I feel like when the dust settles with everything that maybe we'll be able to be cordial and be able to co-exist."

Evelyn also talked about her fiance Chad and how he didn't approve of her fighting on the show and she discussed his recent cut from the New England Patriots.

Peep the interview below:



  1. I think that Evelyn is too old to be doing the shit that she does and Jennifer is very much a liar. Tami's daughters act more grown up than she do, these women need to all grow up; they call theirself women but act like chaps!


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