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POWER Season 4, Ep. 2 Recap: 'Things Are Going to Get Worse'

"Things Are Going to Get Worse" Season 4 Premiere, Ep. 402 - Full Recap

Dad Won't Be Home

Ghost tries to adjust to the harsh conditions of prison life. As he cleans himself up (after enduring the beating from those two prison guards), he stares at his reflection in the mirror. Perhaps he's thinking about the man he has become and all of his past mistakes which landed him in jail. 

After Ghost's bail gets denied, Tasha is now faced with telling her kids that their father won't be coming home like she thought.   

"That means he did it," Tariq says. 

"Boy, I don't wanna hear those damn words come out of your mouth ever again!" Tasha snaps back. "Your father would never kill anyone and you know better. Police arrest innocent black men all the time."

Tasha says it will be hard but they have to go on with life as normal. She tells Tariq and Raina to not discuss their father's business and to not reveal that his nickname is Ghost, to shrug it off merely as a nickname that he was given as a kid. 

But, now the children want to know how their father get the nickname "Ghost." 

"It doesn't mean anything, it's the hood," Tasha tells them. "Everybody has nicknames in the hood." 

I Got Your Back

Keisha bangs on Tommy's door then walks in complaining about not being safe. Tommy promised her she would be safe now.

"I was at the penthouse with Tasha when the FBI raided, and I met Angela! The bitch wants blood," Keisha says. "The fuck is going on with Ghost anyway?"

Tommy is listening, standing there in his shorts and undershirt. He tells Keisha that Ghost didn't make bail. She see's things aren't going as planned and wants out of Tommy and Tasha's drug operation that they're running in her shop. 

"It's too late for that," Tommy says. "You're not going anywhere."

He assures Keisha that Ghost's name is not on the shop's paperwork. 

Keisha slumps down on the couch and says, "You don't get it. I have a kid to think about. You'd understand, Tommy, if you had one." 

Tommy walks over, puts his hands on Keisha's shoulders and says, "Hey, no matter what happens, I got your back."

Don't Let Ghost Out While In Prison

Proctor pays a visit to Ghost at the prison and asks about his mistreatment from the prison guards. 

"Did you fight back?" 

"No, it was two against one and I was handcuffed," Ghost responds. 

"Good," Proctor says. 

He reminds Ghost that everyone thinks of him as James St. Patrick right now and while he's in jail, he's going to have to suppress Ghost, no matter how much people mess with him. Meanwhile, Marshal Williams is standing right outside, on the other side of the glass, and he's watching.

Proctor says his hands are tied for now as he waits to hear from the prosecution who has Ghost's fingerprints and DNA under Greg's fingernails. 

"The evidence is bullshit," Ghost says. "Angela is fucking furious because I dumped her, period. She's framing me, man." 

Ghost wants Proctor to bring up his relationship with Angela, he thinks it will help the case. But, Proctor thinks the jealous ex narrative will turn the trial into a soap opera.

Meanwhile, back at the office, federal agents discuss the case and the story they will present to the jury. Cooper Saxe suggests introducing a love triangle between Angela, James and Greg. Sandoval is sitting at the table, listening to everything and says he agrees with Saxe on the story that James killed Greg in a jealous rage.

This dude! Smh.  

Saxe doesn't mind if Angela goes down for her indiscretions. But, the new guy, attorney John Mak, who is leading this case, reminds them that the team knew about Angela's relationship with James which could mess up their reputations on the case. 

Angela is right outside of the conference room where she can hear everyone talking about her. She walks in and finds out she might be called to the stand during trial in regards to her sexual relationship with James. So, she gets questioned by attorney Mak in preparation of how it would be for her to answer hard questions while under oath. She's even asked if she ever slipped out of work to have sex with James while on taxpayer dollars. 

Ghost and Angela both answer questions about their affair while their counterparts grill them. 

Proctor drills Ghost on what he can expect from the prosecution. They will think he snapped and wanted revenge on Greg.

"No, I would never kill anyone in law enforcement."

"You mean to say, you'd never kill anyone, right Mr. St. Patrick? Why the distinction? Have you killed anyone before?" Proctor asks. 

Ghost sits there with a blank stare.

Proctor reminds Ghost that once he hits the stand, he won't be able to lie. If he gets convicted of perjury, he won't be able to take the stand again in his defense. 

Ghost and Angela both realize they can't take the stand when trial starts, it's too risky. 

Dre Takes Over The Club

Back at Truth, Dre is running things as he trains Soo (the Korean call girl who was smashing Julio last season). She's still around and Julio wants her working at Truth. Dre tells Soo and another waitress about his bottle service trick of charging customers for two bottles but only giving them one. 

Dre receives a phone call from Ghost who asks about the club. He tells Dre to takeover the club on his behalf while he's locked up. Dre is one step ahead of Ghost, he already has taken over. He updates Ghost and says business has been booming with news of him being locked up, he has DJ's booked in advance, and he talks to Karen (their business partner) everyday. 

"I got everything on lock," Dre reassures Ghost.

A little later on, Ghost is sitting in a rec room, eating a biscuit and minding his business when one of the other prisoners sits at his table and starts up a conversation.

"I heard you run them clubs," the prisoner says to Ghost. "I bet you think you better than everyone. Thing is, I'm still hungry and that biscuit is looking mighty succulent." 

Dude grabs Ghost's biscuit out his hand and eats it. Ghost remains calm but you can tell by his face that he's pissed. 

The prisoner continues to make advances at Ghost, calling him pretty and grabbing his shoulder. Ghost quickly grabs his hand and snaps it under the table. A couple of the other prisons peep what Ghost did as the other guy walks away in pain. 

Meanwhile, Proctor talks to the media outside of the courtroom in defense of Ghost. He gets asked if he feels his client is being targeted because he's black. 

"James St. Patrick is one of many innocent African American men who have fallen victim to a biased justice system," Proctor answers. 

"I guarantee you the prosecution is not interested in protecting James St. Patrick's civil rights, they're only interested in getting a conviction."

Back at the office, Sandoval and crew watch Proctor on TV.

"I love how he's calling us racist to discredit our arrest to St. Patrick. No one in here is even white!," attorney Mak says. 

"I am," Saxe responds. "And, I'd just like to say, not every white person is racist. Thanks very much."

Angela says Proctor is poisoning their potential juror pool as her, Donovon, Saxe, Sandaval and Mak try to come up with a new solution and a response to what Proctor is telling the media. 

"James St. Patrick cannot walk," Mak says. "I'm not losing to that cocksucker Proctor, again!" 

Later on, attorney Mak, Salvador and Angela meet up with Proctor and a judge. Mak motions for Proctor to be prohibited in speaking to the press during the trial. He fears it will turn the jury against the prosecution. But, Mak's motion winds up getting denied by the judge and no gag orders will be set. 

"I'll see you later, John [Mak], it's a nice try," Proctor says.

Mak now has to figure out another plan. The FBI eventually swarms into Truth nightclub and they tell Dre they want the security footage of the club. 

Sandavol walks off from the other FBI agents and sneaks into Ghost's office. He slips on his black gloves and plants the murder weapon inside a mini bar. He walks out and soon after, the rest of the FBI agents swarm in to raid the office. Donovan quickly finds the gun that Sandoval planted in the bar. This is not good. 

A Disgruntled Tariq Continues To Act Out

Tasha drops the kids off at school and tells them to act normal. She says they will visit their father soon because it's important to know he's innocent.

"What if I don't want to see him?" Tariq says. 

"It's not up for discussion," Tasha responds. "Your father loves and misses you. We are a family and families stick together through good times and bad."

Tasha warns that they'll have to talk to their father behind glass and on phones. Also, since they're being recorded, they cannot call their father Ghost, she reminds them. 

Tasha tells Tariq that she won't tell his father about his drinking incident and she leads into a talk about bad friends. She goes on to tell a story of how Ghost had some rough friends when he was younger, one of them being Kanan.

"Have you ever heard of him?" she asks. 

Before Tariq can answer, paparazzi walks right up to her car and starts snapping photos. 

Tasha gets out of the car and screams out to the cameraman, "What are you doing? Leave my kids alone!"

She gets in the cameraman's face and says ,"I said back the fuck up! 

Tasha grabs the camera and smashes it on the sidewalk.

"What the fuck!," the cameraman exclaims. "You're going to be hearing from my lawyer, lady!" 

Tariq gets out of the car and says to his mom, "that's how we're supposed to behave?"

Later, while in school, a couple of kids make fun of Ghost, saying he killed an FBI agent. Tariq responds like he doesn't care and lets them think his dad is guilty. 

Raina overhears her brother and says to him, "Are you stupid or something? Mom told us not to say anything."

"She's a liar, just like dad!" he says. 

"What's up with you, Riq? It's like I don't even know you anymore," Raina says before walking away from her brother. 

Tariq immediately calls up his pal, "Slim" and starts complaining about everything going on with his parents and how his mom wants him to visit his dad. "Does that mean he's guilty?"

"I told you, I've known your dad for a long time, he's guilty as fuck," Kanan says. 

Kanan advises Tariq to be good and play along so his parents start trusting him.

"I got plans for us. You a smart lil' nigga. Play the game, son," Kanan says as he drives off in some adult day care angels van. 


Tasha and the kids eventually visit Ghost. 

"I'm innocent," he says. "I'm sorry that our family has to go through this." 

Ghost tells Tariq to be the man of the house while he's locked up. 

He thanks his family for visiting him and says, "I want you to know that I love you and out of everything I've accomplished in life, the one thing I'm most proud of is being your father."

More Prison Trouble Coming Ghost's Way

We learn more about another prisoner, an older guy named Tony. He's been watching Ghost and saw what Ghost did to that prisoner who made advances at him earlier. 

Tony's wife visits him and says it's the last time she'll be able to make the trip by herself because she's too sick. She starts talking about some experimental treatment but she needs cash. He tells her that the money hasn't come through yet, but he promises his wife that he'll get her the money. 

Tony later meets with his lawyer who has been finding out information on Ghost, as requested. He finds out what Ghost is in jail for and that Tommy is his business partner. Tony says he figured Ghost was someone important since a prosecutor dropped his case for Ghost's. The lawyer goes on to talk more about Tommy, how he worked with Lobos and how his charges were dropped when he was locked up. Tony seems very interested in Tommy and Ghost. 

Down With The Swirl

At the warehouse, Tommy chats with Julio about one of his guys meeting up with another connect. Julio steps up and says he'll handle it for their organization. Tommy tells him Ghost is still locked up and he shouldn't mention it to anyone.

"I just wish we could help him somehow," Julio says. 

"Yeah, maybe you can get a conjugal visit," Tommy sarcastically responds.

"Really? I owe him, Tommy, that's it."

"I know you two got a real touching story, I just wonder what chapter do you shut the fuck up!," Tommy says. 

Later on, Tommy is pissed that Julio isn't stepping up to the plate like he wants him to after one of his guys gets punched in the face. 

Tommy needs to let off some steam, so he heads over to Keisha's apartment. He tells her that he still needs her help with her shop. 

"I know how you feel about me running money out of there, but you got my back, right? Just like I got yours."

"You sure it's safe?," Keisha asks, putting all of her trust in Tommy.

"Trust me, it's all good," Tommy says. 

The two are talking in the kitchen and Tommy looks around. Keisha says they are alone. Tommy kisses her but Keisha quickly stops him. She wants to make sure Tommy isn't messing around with Holly anymore. 

"I thought you and Holly were real tight, especially after you kept her around after she stole Tasha's earrings,

"Nah, she gone, she ain't coming back," Tommy says as he continues to kiss Keisha.

Tommy pulls his pants down and lifts Keisha up on the kitchen counter, pulls her dress up and she straddles him while they get it in!

Yassss! Finally, a sex scene! ... But hold up, I thought Tommy only liked redheads? 

Later on, Keisha and Tommy are talking on the couch and he asks her, "You ever play in the snow before?"

"No. The snow can be unpredictable," she answers. "Never know how many inches you're going to get."

"Ohhh, got you a goddamn blizzard your first time out," Tommy says.

Keisha laughs then quickly gets serious when she tells Tommy not to tell Tasha they smashed. 

"I can't have anything nice if she doesn't have it or she'll take it, just like she did with Shawn."

Tommy is shocked to hear this news. "Tasha was fucking Shawn!?" 


"Fuck outta here, did Ghost know!?"

Keisha says Ghost knew but didn't care once he got with Angela. She says, Tasha used Shawn to get even with Ghost, and she took him away just like she took her business. 

"You're like the only good thing that came out of this mess with me," Keisha tells Tommy. 

"Your business is safe, I promise you that," Tommy says. He also agrees that Tasha can't know about them being together. 

The Pressure Is On For Proctor 

Attorney Mak presents his opening statement to the jury and says his team will present evidence that shows James killed Greg to protect Tommy. He tells the jury that Greg and Tommy both worked for Lobos and they were responsible for Lobos' murder. He says they believe James silenced Greg for Tommy, once Greg leaked classified information. 

So, Mak and his team will run with this story to prove Tommy is Ghost and he's responsible for Lobos' death. 

Mak congratulates Donavon for finding the murder weapon earlier and Angela is shocked to hear that the gun was found so easily at Truth. The FBI also wants to catch Tommy in the act of dealing drugs while Ghost is locked up.

Proctor meets up with Tommy later and realizes if Ghost goes down that means Tommy will go down as well. The prosecution is running with the story that James shot Greg because Tommy asked him to since they're friends and business partners. 

Proctor tells Tommy to lay low and stay out of the drug game for awhile. He also says Angela most likely will be on his trail. 

"This all happened because he [Ghost] couldn't keep his fucking hands off of her," a pissed off Tommy says. "I told him to stay away from that bitch."

"Things are going to get worse," Proctor warns Tommy. 

Tommy hands Proctor some re-up for his wife and says he'll keep a low profile. He leans in to Proctor and also says, "if shit does go sideways and I do get arrested, I'm gonna kill you."

In the next scene, Tommy finds the man who punched one of his guys earlier. Tommy pops up on the guy who's sitting in his car about to light one up. Tommy puts a gun to his head, tells the guy to get out and run, that he'll give him a head start. The guy takes off running and Tommy gets in the guys car and runs him over with his own car. 

Tommy is having fun while causing this guy pain, he's not even thinking about the consequences. He even reverses the car and runs the guy over again. The guy is now trapped underneath his car and yelling out in pain.  

"You okay?" Tommy sarcastically asks. 

"You better not disrespect my organization ever again," Tommy yells out before driving off, leaving the guy with a broken leg to bleed out in the street. 

What happened to keeping a low profile, Tommy? 

Tariq Asks About Kanan

Tariq later meets up his buddy, Slim, and learns how to open doors with credit cards. When Kanan asks about Ghost, Tariq quickly responds, "I don't wanna talk about that nigga."

Tariq then asks, "You ever hear about someone named Kanan?"

He tells Tariq that Kanan was with the old crew but now he's dead. 

A pissed off Kanan later pops up on Dre and chokes him down to the ground. He believes Dre is mentioning Kanan to Tariq. 

Dre swears he never mentioned the name Kanan to Tariq. 

"Unless you wanna be a dead nigga, you keep your mouth shut," Kanan says. He releases his grip around Dre's neck. 

"Why the fuck you hanging with Tariq?" Dre asks. "I paid you to stay away from him."

"You were. You done told so many lies and made so many enemies that you don't got no friends. Now you paying me to keep you alive."

Death Row

Proctor meets up with Ghost and has really bad news. Ghost can possibly get a life sentence if he goes down for killing Greg or if it gets out him and Tommy killed people during their drug crimes. 

Ghost thinks Angela set him up with the gun that was found at his club. Proctor explains that the prosecution wants to make Tommy the kingpin because they think he's Ghost and that they'll probably offer James a deal to snitch on his friend. Proctor also thinks if it comes down to that, Ghost should flip on Tommy and take the deal. But, Ghost isn't down to throw his best friend under the bus. 

Angela thinks the gun at Truth is too easy and wonders if Ghost left it there to beat his case. 

Attorney Mak appears with news that James could now potentially face the death penalty and Angela is shocked to hear this. 

Will Angela just stand by and let Ghost get the death penalty?

The news is out: James faces death row. Marshal Williams taunts him some more and tells him about the stages of getting the shot and how it's not a pleasant way to die.

Back at her apartment, Angela is sipping on wine and doing some thinking when she hears a knock on her door... It's Tasha!

"You had my kids here and you're gonna let their father die for something he didn't do!?"

Angela reminds Tasha about the proof: the DNA found, the fingerprints, and the gun found at Truth. But, Tasha says Ghost wouldn't just leave a gun hidden in his club. 

Tasha defends Ghost some more and says he also would't kill an FBI agent. Tasha never heard anything about Greg. But, Angela reveals some news to Tasha and tells her the night when she first reconnected with Ghost in the club, she had a boyfriend...Greg! 

Tasha has a shocked look on her face. She didn't know Greg was Angela's ex. 

"I swear to God, if you weren't a god damn cop..." Tasha says getting in Angela's face.

"But, I am," Angela reminds her. "Goodnight, Tasha."

As Tasha is leaving, Angela says, "For what's it's worth, I wish I never walked into Truth that night, I wish I've never seen Jaime again."

"Now that we do agree on," Tasha says.

Ghost Reaches Out To Tommy

Tommy has eyes on him. He pulls up to his apartment and after he gets out of his car and heads inside, some undercover agent puts some sort of tracking device under his vehicle. 

Momma Kate comes over and Tommy warns her that the FBI is on to them. The two chat and Kate briefly mentions Holly. Tommy says he got rid of Holly. He also tells his mom if he gets locked up, she knows where the money is and he gives her the keys to his car. Kate heads out and drives off in Tommy's car (which is bugged). Tommy later gets picked up by one of his boys and he heads off driving in a truck.

Later on, he finally receives a phone call from Ghost.

"Uhh, James?" Tommy asks. 

Tommy is careful not to call him "Ghost" since phone calls are recorded in prison. 

"It's good to hear your voice, brother," Ghost responds. 

"How are you holding up in there?"

"Not so good. If I go down for this, they're giving me the needle."

"Fuck outta here man. You ain't going out like that, you can't," Tommy says. "You scared?"

Ghost looks worried and says, "Help me. I need you to take care of my family."

"I got you. I'm gonna handle everything," Tommy promises. "You keep your head up in there."


In next week's episode, it looks like Angela visits Ghost, oh boy!

Also, I'm tired of seeing Ghost in that orange jumpsuit, get him out! I hope his trial isn't dragged out all season. 

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