Wednesday, January 18, 2017

R&B Singer Chrisette Michele Cancels NJ Performance To Sing At Donald Trump's Inauguration

R&B singer Chrisette Michele is reportedly all set and ready to perform for the soon-to-be 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Various media reports state that Chrisette and gospel singer Travis Greene were invited to the upcoming inauguration to perform the song “Intentional” alongside other gospel acts such as Tye Tribett and Jonathan McReynolds.

Reports also state that Chrisette and her team kept quiet about the invitation after seeing the backlash of Jennifer Holliday, but Travis Greene on the other hand, came clean about his acceptance of the invitation:
It seems as if Chrisette was supposed to perform at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, on Friday, but decided to call it quits for Donald Trump. 

Since news broke of Chrisette's involvement with the inauguration, social media has been on fire with fans expressing their disappointment with the R&B Diva's LA reality star. 

Instrumentalist Questlove even offered to pay Chrisette to NOT perform on Friday: 

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Check out this statement below though:

What do you think of Chrisette Michele performing at Donald Trump's inauguration? 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Russell Wilson Says He Will 'Forever Win' After NFL Playoff Loss and Social Media Trolling

The Seattle Seahawks team lost 20-36 to the Atlanta Falcons in last night's playoff game.

Social media peeps started trolling Russell Wilson because Ciara's ex, Future, was in attendance at the game, and he cheered for the Falcons. The jokes started pouring in last night with some saying the 28-year-old quarterback took an 'L' because Future was there. 

Well, Future might have been cheering for the opposite team, but Russell put a little reminder out there that he's still a winner, and he posted the cutest message to Ciara:

“I will forever win bc I get to come home to you every night. The love of my life. I love you,” Russell wrote.

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“This past year has been full of so much joy & happiness. From getting Married to having our little one on the way, to your constant endless love. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life Mrs. Wilson. You make everyday a perfect day. #ForeverGrateful," he posted on Instagram. 

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A video also floated around last night after the game showing Russell hugging Future Zahir (Future's son):

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 ... more like Russell's son, lol.

Yup, show them who the REAL winner is! 


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Savage Life: Angry Customer Drives SUV Into T-Mobile Store (Video)

When your phone company tries to play you...

A woman went on a rampage Thursday at a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, Fla.

According to, a woman was upset that she had to pay to have her cracked iPhone screen replaced when she claimed to have phone insurance. 

She showed up at the T-Mobile store last week, looking to exchange her cracked iPhone, the report said, and she allegedly told a store manager she was going to “bug out” if she didn’t get the phone replaced. 

When the woman returned to the store, she drove her 2005 Nissan Armada SUV through the front entrance. 

The 26-year-old woman is now facing charges of aggravated battery, battery, burglary, criminal mischief over $1,000 and reckless driving, according to

Peep the video below:

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A store employee injured his knee and was taken to the hospital after being hit by a display case toppled by the SUV.
The SUV crasher underwent surgery at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis for injuries sustained to her forearms during the crash and was taken for a mental health evaluation under the Baker Act, according to news reports. 

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nia Riley Blasts Soulja Boy on Twitter for Being Disrespectful

Nia Riley tweeted our earlier today about her ex, Soulja Boy, and how he disrespects her:

Soulja, who is currently gearing up for his boxing fight against Chris Brown, took it upon himself to respond with some tweets of his own. He threw out some subliminal's but then quickly deleted some of the tweets (I got the screenshot though!):

The two had an on-and-off relationship for some years and fans saw how toxic their relationship was when they appeared on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. 

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TV RECAP: 'Being Mary Jane' Season 4 Premiere Didn't Live Up To Its Hype

Can the old Being Mary Jane PLEASE come back!

Guys, what happened with this season 4 premiere of Being Mary Jane?? I know the show has new writers and with new writers comes a revamp, but there's so much to adjust to. 

So, our girl Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) is now in a new city, with a new job, with new drama and a new love interest. The show picks back up a year later. And, even though a year has passed, it seems like MJ is still up to her same ol' tricks (hooking up with randoms!)

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Finale: Niecy Is Arrested and Assaulted, Kara Is In Hot Water At Work & MJ Runs Into David

MJ is probably damn near 40 years old now (if not 40 already) and she still can't get her shit together with men (plus, she's still a lil' skank, lol). 

That whole "tell me you love me" scene in bed with Lee (the one-nighter/new love interest) was so sad and pathetic. Like, damn! Home girl really has some serious relationship issues. Even the matchmaker (whom MJ hired and paid $20k for) dumped her! The machmaker told MJ straight up that she couldn't work with her because MJ has more work to do on herself. 

The show writers couldn't advance MJ's character just a little in the love department??

MJ is successful, beautiful, educated and has money, but she's desperately missing a GOOD man in her life to fill that empty void she has. 

Also, I'm not feeling MJ's move to New York, she needs to be back in Atlanta where her family is. I also don't like her new job. It's like MJ went backwards. Because of the backlash from Niecy dealing with police brutality (which made national headlines), her old employer, SNC, basically gave MJ the boot since she defended her niece. 

MJ is now a correspondent for a national morning show Great Day USA and it looks like there's a plot to pit her against the show's current co-anchor (another black woman) in an attempt to supposedly boost show ratings. 

Oh boy!

I feel like MJ was just being celebrated for her 'Ugly Black Woman' show and hard news segments and now she's outside in the cold doing fluff news.


I do look forward to seeing Michael Ealy on the show soon! 

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I love how Kara is still in MJ's corner and how the two still work together (Kara left SNC). But, what about that whole Marisol blackmail storyline from last season? I guess they're just going to sweep that storyline under the rug?

I miss Mark. He would be the best person MJ could talk to right now while in New York. And, no David this season!? I hope he makes an appearance so we can get a glance at how his life is now with his new woman and baby.

Oh, and that new guy, Lee, I'm not feeling him and MJ together and that weird shaped head of his.


I did, however, like that rubber band sex scene part (great idea ... noted!) 

Hopefully the next episode is better. I waited an entire year for BMJ to come back on and I was left unimpressed after watching the premiere episode last night. I hope BMJ doesn't fall off like Empire did (for me). I would hate to lose interest in this show. 

What did you think of the season 4 premiere of BMJ?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stream Live! Watch President Obama's Farewell Speech Here

President Obama returns to his home, Chicago, to say his grateful farewell. Watch live at the video below at 9 p.m. ET!

Beyonce Interviews Her Lil' Sister Solange For 'Interview' Magazine

Beyonce interviewed her lil' sister, Solange, for the February issue of Interview magazine. 
The sisters talked about everything from their hometown to their family and childhood to the meaning of Solange's newest song. 
Beyonce said, “I am so glad we grew up in Houston. And I know that it’s such a big inspiration for all of us: you, my mom, my dad.” 
Solange also commented on their hometown, saying, “I feel so happy that I got to grow up in a place where you could be the pastor’s wife, you could be a lawyer, you could be a stripper on the side.”
Beyonce clearly admires her lil' sis as she said in the interview: 
"I remember thinking, "My little sister is going to be something super special," because you always seemed to know what you wanted. "
Solange also revealed what her new single "Crane In The Sky" means:
"Cranes in the Sky" is actually a song that I wrote eight years ago. It's the only song on the album that I wrote independently of the record, and it was a really rough time. I know you remember that time. I was just coming out of my relationship with Julez's father. We were junior high school sweethearts, and so much of your identity in junior high is built on who you're with. You see the world through the lens of how you identify and have been identified at that time. So I really had to take a look at myself, outside of being a mother and a wife, and internalize all of these emotions that I had been feeling through that transition. I was working through a lot of challenges at every angle of my life, and a lot of self-doubt, a lot of pity-partying. And I think every woman in her twenties has been there—where it feels like no matter what you are doing to fight through the thing that is holding you back, nothing can fill that void. I used to write and record a lot in Miami during that time, when there was a real estate boom in America, and developers were developing all of this new property. There was a new condo going up every ten feet. You recorded a lot there as well, and I think we experienced Miami as a place of refuge and peace. We weren't out there wilin' out and partying. I remember looking up and seeing all of these cranes in the sky. They were so heavy and such an eyesore, and not what I identified with peace and refuge. I remember thinking of it as an analogy for my transition—this idea of building up, up, up that was going on in our country at the time, all of this excessive building, and not really dealing with what was in front of us. And we all know how that ended. That crashed and burned. It was a catastrophe. And that line came to me because it felt so indicative of what was going on in my life as well. And, eight years later, it's really interesting that now, here we are again, not seeing what's happening in our country, not wanting to put into perspective all of these ugly things that are staring us in the face. "
Read the full interview over here at Interview magazine.

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WATCH! Meek Mill Busted His A** Falling Down Icy Steps: "They spoke a 'L' into existence"

Meek Down!

The newly single rapper posted a video on Instagram of himself falling down the steps and into some snow. He said he was leaving his mother's house and thought a ghost pushed him:

"They spoke a L into existence...," Meek wrote in his caption.

"... leaving out my mom house was tragic for me! Icey ass steps!!! U fall get right back upppp!"

He continued, "I ran I thought a ghost pushed me! I might sue yeezy! SINCE YALL WANNA SEE ME FALL SO BAD!!!!" 

At least he has a sense of humor to post those clips on his page. 

(Source: Instagram)
Tyrese Is Over The #TyreseChallenge And Wants It To Stop + Kevin Hart, Lance Gross & Many More Join In!

Comedian Deon Cole has kicked off 2017 with a new challenge ... the #TyreseChallenge!

Many have already hopped on board, including Kevin Hart, Lance Gross, Gary Owen and Tank. Hell, I jumped in on the challenge too!

But, it seems like Tyrese doesn't want to play anymore.

After uploading his own video, the singer/actor left a comment saying it isn't funny anymore and he wants the challenge to stop:

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Oh, boo hoo!

Check out all the challenge videos below: