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Looking to curse someone out at work? Here are 'professional' ways to flip off the middle finger

Have you ever wanted to check a coworker but didn't know how to do it in a professional manor? 

You want to put someone in their place but not in a street kinda way that will warrant a trip to HR or possibly on the verge of getting fired. You just want to "gut-punch that ass," as Vivica Fox would say. 

Well, no worries. I came across a helpful Twitter thread on ways to somewhat professionally curse someone out at work: 

Check out some of the ways to somewhat professionally let a bih know you're not the one. (Use this with caution though, don't get fired lol).

And here's the perfect tweet to recite when someone tries to take credit for you work: And as someone graciously shared in the thread, here's a cheat sheet on email code in the professional work environment: Do you have any other ones to share? Drop them below in the comments!