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Ad Packages

Use Ooooooo La La! as an affordable way 
to get loyal readers to your 
amazing product, service and/or business!

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Great for:

- Hair Salons/Vendors/Stylists
- Nail & Beauty Salons
- Celebrity/Music Artist Promotion
- Clothing Boutiques
- Small Businesses
- Promo For Upcoming Events
- New Websites/Blogs

Advertisement Packages Available:
[Updated: April 28, 2019]

Customized Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat posts are available. 
YouTube video promo, product reviews, and website box ads are also available. Ask about the deluxe social media ad package deal! 

Popular Ads: 


Ooooooo La La! has a very active and loyal social media following and wants to help spread the word of your amazing business/product/talent to more than 180k active followers on Instagram

STATS: @OooLaLaBlog receives more than 5 million impressions weekly. Followers are mostly in the age range of 25-34, 64% women and 36% men view @OooLaLaBlog on Instagram with the top locations being New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Lagos. 

Instagram Stories

Drive traffic directly to your website or Instagram page! Insert your URL directly into @OooLaLaBlog's Instagram story along with 1 photo or video post. An Instagram story lasts for 24 hours and includes 1 URL link. 

Payments accepted via PayPal or CashApp

Advertisement/Return Policies:

La La reviews all advertisements/social media posts and has the right to reject any ads that she doesn't see fit with the branding and voice of Ooooooo La La! This website does not publish any sexual explicit ads or scams.


La La does not guarantee a certain amount of sales or Instagram followers after publishing your ad/postAll businesses receive different responses and it all depends on the quality and price of your product as well as the relevance it has with the Ooooooo La La! readers.  

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