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Usher kicks off Vegas residency at Caesars Palace, reminding everyone he's still got it

Usher kicked off his Las Vegas residency with a bang at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace this past weekend, showing off his impressive music catalog spanning almost 30 years. 

And yes, yours truly was at the opening night show on Friday night. Oh, and I touched Usher's hand! ... but we'll get to that later.

Kicking off the show with an oldie but goodie, Usher popped out from the crowd singing his 1997 hit song "My Way." Rocking his throwback multi-level high-top fade and a blue sparkly outfit, the eight-time Grammy Award-winning superstar smoothly glided down the middle aisle showing off his moves with his security guard and cameraman in tow.

Usher making his way down the middle aisle,
opening the show singing "My Way." 

Stripper poles, Ush bucks and good music 

The sold-out show was jam-packed with the R&B crooner's classic hits "Nice & Slow" "Yeah!," "Confessions," "There Goes My Baby," "Lovers and Friends" and many more fan favorites in addition to some of his newer joints like "Don't Waste My Time."

"Where my day ones at?" Usher asked the crowd as he sang another popular R&B banger from 1997 "You Make Me Wanna." 

It feels like Usher took us on a journey from the Cascade rolling skate rink (he killed it on the skates) to his personal bedroom party (when he humped the stage during "Nice & Slow") and then to the strip club all in one night. 

And that voice, whew! Usher's voice sounds even better live. 

While performing "Bad Girl" (one of my favorite records of his) Usher said, "ya'll know I brought ATL to Vegas, right?" 

He had some of the baddest dancers doing their thang on the pole and falling into splits while Ush bucks were thrown into the air. 

Usher had many interesting costume changes throughout the night, including a pink Prince-like type of bellbottom pants outfit. 

This was my fourth Usher concert in total and by far one of my favorite shows of his. Maybe it was because of my seat, maybe because this show felt more intimate (unlike a big venue like when I saw him at Madison Square Garden in New York) or maybe it's because I touched his hand. 

So about that...

I had really amazing seats which weren't even the closest to the stage (but they weren't in the nosebleed section of the Colosseum). I sat in the 200s in Row A, the very first row of that section, which is located right behind the floor seats. It actually felt like I was still on the floor since it's the first row of the next section. 

Note: If you sit in the front row of the 200's, just be prepared to stand. When the crowd in the 100's stands, you won't be able to see the stage much if you remain seated. 

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There's a wide middle aisle which Usher danced down twice, once when he opened the show (as I mentioned earlier) and also when he sang "My Boo." 

As Usher came off the stage, he did a couple of pull-ups (randomly) under the DJ and then made his way down the middle aisle, again. And this time he was looking at the crowd and touching hands... and my hand was one! He was so close to my section, right in front of us that I could literally see the sweat dripping off of his forehead.

Yes, Usher and I had a moment that I will cherish forever and now we go together. Lol. 

But anyways...

Usher was very in tune and engaged with the crowd. This was the perfect venue size to experience him, his collection of music, and all of his greatness.

Seeing Usher live is an experience like no other. From the singing, dancing, stage set up, pyrotechnics and lights, he always gives his all and gives the very best shows. I truly enjoyed this show so much that I'm thinking about purchasing another ticket and attending another one later this year. 

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Peep more concert clips and photos below from the opening night of Usher's Vegas residency:  


Stage set up for "Bad Girl"

Ush bucks!

Usher singing "My Boo" while slapping hands with the crowd

Views from my hotel room at The Flamingo.
The Colosseum is located right across the street.

My special hologram collectors ticket. 

Stage view from my seat in the 200's section.

Until next time!


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