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Jersey Shore Is Back!

So what do you think of Jersey Shore season 3 so far?

One word..DRAMA! I thought the show should've been a wrap after season 1 but I can't stop watching it. There's always a villian on reality shows, fights = more ratings. With Angelina gone you would think the Jersey Shore family would get along much better. But nope, it looks like Sammi is the new villian of the house leaving her boyfriend Ronnie as her only fan. The girls become three versus one as a new housemate joins this crew, Snooki's friend Deena.

Snooki and Deena
Snook's #1 and Snook's #2

First impression of Deena is that she's another Snooki, I see why they're besties. Snooki is cool and all but two of her is too much in my opinion. Even Mike "Situation" said the new girl was annoying. That's why I thought it was so funny when Sammi kept laughing at her being drunk and trying to "cuddle" with Mike.

I know many people are over the Ronnie & Sammi situation after all the Miami drama between them, but I'm on their side. I guess me being in a crazy relationship myself is the reason why I like them. It's a shame that they're alienating themselves from having fun with everyone else. But I loved how they grabbed the upstairs room which messed up everyone else's sleeping arrangements, leaving Mike to room with them instead of MVP having their own bachelor room. I guess Ronnie is over the fact that Mike liked his girl before since he's rooming with them?...Can we say awkward?

"If Deena was a holiday she'll be Thanksgiving because she has a lot to give and a lot to stuff." Really Mike?

Sammi and Ronnie
After all they've been through they better last this time!
That was pretty hilarious, but I'm not feeling the new girl so far. How dare she call Sammi the "C" word, she lost cool points in my book. We all know Sammi can act like a bitch. Then here comes superman Ronnie to the rescue (it's about time!) to defend his girl. But once again Sammi fights with the wrong person when Jwoww steps into the situation. Just like in season 2 when the drama started over Angelina, this time it started over Deena. Sammi you can't fight! But when you try to you should fight the right person! I wish her and Jwoww could be friends again because I like them both.

So what will this season bring? The usual...hook ups with grenades and Guido's, Ronnie and Sammi staying to themselves, Jwoww being the big bad ass of the house, and Snooki and Donna, Gremlin, oh what is her name??? Oh yeah...Deena! Her and snookie will go "guy shopping". I think we will also see Snookie drunk on the beach, which she actually had to go to court for. 

And I almost forgot...Vinnie's shower caddy was cute. So oh yaaaaaaa! Give Pauly that spin-off show!