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Monday Madness-License Plates for Bicycles???

Yup exactly what the title says but are they serious?

"To protect elderly pedestrians who might be walking in the path of a speeding two-wheeler," is the reason why this law would come into play.

She kept looking back because
she was riding dirty - no license plate
or registration.

Some people were complaining of being knocked down while on their bikes and the safety of pedestrains was being questioned. So New Jersey lawmaker, Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker proposed a law that would have required riders or their parents to pay $10 a year to register their bikes with the Division of Motor Vehicles - or be subject to fines of $100.

All bicycles in New Jersey would basically have to display a license plate.

I'm sorry but when I think of mandatory license plates on bikes I think it's absurd. Good thing this assembly woman has recently withdrawn from the bill. Can you imagine little kids having to get a license plate for their bicycle and get it registered before they can learn how to ride it? C'mon now! 

I think it was just another way for the state to make money because like Gov. Chris Christie said before at a press conference, this state is broke!