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Scenario Sundays #2

You and your friend work together for a company. Your friend has been stealing from the company and you know it. The CEO of the company is willing to pay a $10,000 reward for anyone who knows information on the person robbing the company. What do you do?

A) I can't tell that's my friend    B) Blackmail my friend and make them give me some of the money   C) Tell the CEO and claim my reward


  1. Does your friend know if you told on them? Is your friend being greedy with the money? How good friends are you?
    Sticky situation...
    If we were just "work friends", maybe. Someone else might tell and then you lose out on $10,000. I could use that money. I have student loan debt. If we were real friends then I couldn't... If we were real friends then he'd be buying me stuff and I'd make sure what I asked for totalled more than $10,000, lol.

    IF IT WAS AN EX BOYFRIEND? I'd be the first person in line ratting that ass out.

  2. LMAO @ ratting that ass out on an ex-boyfriend, but so true. No your friend won't know you told on them, your "ratting" is confidential. You just know that you told on your friend so could you live with that?

    I don't know if the friend is being greedy with the money, but lets just say they are a good friend of yours.


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