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Lil' Kim Black Friday Video

Oh boy. Now there's a video to go along with the song. Lil' Kim was recently on Hot97 morning show sounding off on Nicki Minaj once again. 

Lil' Kim at her video shoot for the new video
No lie, she looks like Wendy WIlliams here 
"The Alexander McQueen line was disrespectful to do after he killed himself and that was one of my friends..." -Lil' Kim talking about Nicki's line in Diddy's Hello Good Morning remix.

She said she first met Nicki in a bathroom at a Lil' Wayne concert. She went there to perform with Keyshia Cole and at first she told Nicki she liked her. Fast forward...well these two don't like each other anymore.

Check out Lil' Kim's video below. Her       
mixtape CD is out now too and online.