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Monday Madness-Are you Scared of 2012?

Many people are getting spooked out about next year coming because of talk of the Mayan calendar and how it ends in December 2012.

But how seriously should we take this doomsday talk? 

There are many predictions about the end of the world and signs we should watch out for. The Bible says we will see a sequence of events leading up to the world's destruction...

                         -Economy sinking
                         -Natural Disaster's
                         -Cosmic Events

We're seeing all of these signs already...
Brazil flooding, hurricane Katrina, earthquakes in places all over the world like Haiti and Chile, birds are dying, wars, the Swine Flu pandemic, even the economy was at an all time low and there's now talk about how we will have two suns and no night for a couple of days. Wth!

So are these signs? Should we be scared?

Well I'm ignoring the predictions, but I am aware of all of the signs and it is odd that all of those birds just dropped from the sky in Arkansas.

But this 'end of the world' talk was the same talk that happened in 1999. Everybody rushed out to supermarkets to stock up on food & water and was scared when midnight of the 2000 New Year rolled around.

I must admit, they had me spooked back then too. But we're still here. 

Biblical prophecies say we won't know an exact date of the end. Religious people believe we have nothing to worry about. 

So is the world ending at the end of next year?

There have been many past failed end of the world predictions and we have so much technology nowadays so I highly doubt it.