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Tell It Tuesdays! A Couple New Reality Shows

If you're a reality show junkie like me and can't get enough of these crazy Oxygen, MTV and VH1 shows then you'll love the fact that more are coming very soon.

Upcoming Reality Shows to look out for:

The new cast
-Real World: Las Vegas
Yes the Real World is back and in Las Vegas for its 25th season! Woah! 25 years is a long time especially for a reality show to be on air for that long.

The Real World to me kind of fell off for awhile. How ironic that the show is airing in Las Vegas again, because to me the original Las Vegas Real World back in 2002 was the last good Real World show.

New shows start on March 9th at 10 p.m. on MTV so get ready for seven new roommates, yup seven not eight again. I think I'll  actually watch this season, I hope it's good!

Watch the trailer for this upcoming new season below:

-All About Aubrey
Okay who was addicted to Diddy's Making the Band?

I watched this show starting when Season 2 'Da Band' was created all the way to Season 4 'Day26'. But the girl season was my favorite when Danity Kane was created.

Then we saw Danity Kane dismantled as one member was feeling herself a little too much and got fired by the man himself, Diddy!

Well that former member of the broken up group Danity Kane is Ms. Aubrey O'Day and she has her own reality show entitled All About Aubrey. This show is just what the title says and will focus on her trying to make a come back in the music industry.

I swear everyone gets a reality show nowadays, I'm still waiting for mine. Well being that I used to like Danity Kane I'll check out the first episode airing on March 7th at 10 p.m. on the Oxygen network.

-Love Games 2 (Spin-off show of Bad Girls Club)
"I run L.A!!!" Quick..which Bad Girl cast member says that quote non-stop?

Well if you guessed Natalie Nunn from the 4th season of the Bad Girls Club then you're right. Ms. Nunn will also be starring in the upcoming second season of Love Games.

This girl has been pretty busy with the Wiz Khalifa rumors, the supposedly Amber Rose beef and now this show which I'm sure she tried to take over.

Tanisha from Season 2 of BGC will be hosting this season of Love Games. Oh boy I look forward to her "popping off."

Other bad girls looking for love are Lea from Season 5 and Amber from season 3. The other Amber, not the one who was on the first season of Love Games. This Amber is corny and too nice, but I'm pretty sure firecracker Lea and bad girl Natalie will get into it. Love Games premieres on April 18th on the Oxygen network.

-Bad Girls Club-Flo Gets Married
(Goin' With the Flo???) I included question marks because I'm not sure of the exact title.
But remember Flo from Bad Girls Club Season 4?

How can you forget this cast member, she is one of the most memorable bad girls and one of my favorites because she's a real one.

Well Florina Kaja a.k.a Flo got a man. I'm including 'to a man' because since she swings both ways. And she is also pregnant! Woah a total turn around from when she was on the Bad Girls Club.

Her wedding will be the show, sort of reminding me of La La's reality show that had the details leading up to her and NBA star Carmello Anthony's wedding. Goin' With the Flo premieres on Oxygen on February 28th at 9 p.m.

Other shows:

Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom are getting their own reality show. "The cable show "Khloe & Lamar" (working title) begins filming early this year, giving an inside look into the couple's home-life and the series will also follow Lamar as he's on the road with the Los Angeles Lakers," according to The Insider.

Survivor Redemption Island also recently started on CBS. I don't really watch this show so I can't talk about it much. But it comes on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.