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Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter & Appears on 20/20

Actor Charlie Sheen has been the latest celeb name splattered all over the news, Twitter, gossip magazines, you name it. 
His recent 20/20 interview brought ABC network its best ratings that the show has had in two years, according to OK! Magazine.
It seems as if we're more tuned into someone's life when it's going all wrong. With his sitcom getting cut, family issues and with all his legal trouble what is there to do next?
Get a Twitter account as well!
He recently made the account this week and within minutes his followers were increasing like crazy and he didn't even have a picture up.
It amazed me and a co-worker of mine when on Tuesday night my co-worker kept refreshing Sheen's Twitter page and everytime he did, Sheen's followers would increase by thousands, I kid you not.
Well count me in as I hopped on the bandwagon today  to become follower 1,447,092 or so I think. If I refresh the page it would increase by like a thousand in seconds. It won't take him much longer to reach 2 million followers.
Angie Martinez is following him as well and said earlier today on Hot97 that supposedly Charlie Sheen only made a Twitter account to get paid for it, just like big tweeter, Kim Kardashian who has over 6 million Twitter followers and supposedly makes thousands for each tweet. Wow.
Martinez said that Twitter is all about entertainment and with the stuff going on in Charlie Sheen's life he is the man to follow right now.
Charlie Sheen

"In all sincerity... Thank you Twitter community for the warm reception & the followers that helped get me to 1M in 24 hours!!!  " - Sheen tweeted this on Wednesday
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