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You're Cut Off Finale-Blah!

Princess Rehab comes to an end for these ladies as they have to accept stipulations from their parents to graduate the program.

I like this show for the reality drama that the ladies entertain me with but lets face it the show is bullcrap.

Do you really think these spoiled ladies learned their lesson with that program? And do you really think their parents will cut them off? I bet as soon as they get home they'll go right back to their old ways.

That one girl Marissa and her mother need to get a clue. You can tell her mother doesn't want to let her daughter grow and mature into an independent woman.

Marissa (photo to the right) didn't even change during the program and all she did was constantly flaunt how expensive her wardrobe is.

Amy, (photo to the left, the one with the scarf on her head) who was in an argument in like every episode starts breaking down crying infront of her mother who says her and her dog will have to find their own place. How pathetic! She's 28-years-old and is crying because she has to move out on her own.

"Do you accept these terms?" Is the question that host, Laura Baron asks the cut-off ladies at graduation. If the ladies don't agree with the terms they may remain cut-off. Duh, of course they will accept the terms.

"Are you willing to pay for your tires, car insurance, your spa days..." was the question Laura asked one of the girls, Hana. Like are you serious? Then she starts crying and says the dumbest comment: "Do you know how much tires cost and I have four!

Welcome to the real world ladies.

Spaz Jennifer Jowett

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Remember her? She's the one who threw a fit all the time, argued with Amy constantly, messed up the house, poured a drink on one of the ladies and has a serious temper problem.

Well she recently got a DUI and blamed it on Laura, the host.