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Obama's Place of Birth Becomes an Issue & Distracts People From Real Issues

My Rant: Why are we, and when I say "we" I mean the media and all of us as a nation, so focused on this man's certificate of birth? 

Shouldn't we be worried about real issues; lowering these gas prices, the overseas drama and this economy more than if the President was born in Hawaii or not?

And Donald Trump... don't even get me started on him and him being a potential presidential candidate!

"I feel I've accomplished something really really important and I'm honored by it," Trump said at a press conference, according to Yahoo News. 

According to Yahoo News, Trump noted that people have long been requesting the document, but Trump was the only one who got the president to release it. He said this development will boost his own potential presidential candidacy.

So anyone can just run for President nowadays? Like really? I wish Donald Trump would just shut his mouth.

Since Obama released the long form of his birth certificate what will Donald Trump release?

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