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NBA Action: First Round of Playoffs Wrap Up

So the first round of the NBA playoffs come to an end as the Conference Semifinals begin today. Here's a quick recap of the remaining teams:

Eastern Conference: The Boston Celtics had a quick first round in sweeping the New York Knicks and has had plenty of time to rest up for today's game against the Miami Heat who could have had a sweep as well but Philadelphia 76ers beat them in game 4 forcing the 5th game in which Miami closed out the series anyway of course.

The Chicago Bulls had no problem beating out the Indiana Pacers and now will play the Atlantic Hawks in round 2 of the playoffs who suprisingly beat out Orlando Magic.

Western Conference: The playoff veterens on the West had some more problems closing out the underdogs. The team who had the best record throughout the regular season, the number one seed on the West, San Antonio Spurs were knocked out by the Memphis Grizzlies, which didn't come as too much of a shocker to me. The Grizzlies will now take on Durant and the OKC crew.

The older teams, Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers had a tough time beating out their younger competition the Trailblazers and Hornets, but in the end pulled through, both teams will face off in L.A. for the second round match up tomorrow. Oh yeah! I'm looking forward to that game. Did I leave out anybody?

Eight teams left, who will make it to the Conference Finals? I'm predicting Bulls and Celtics on the East, Lakers and OKC on the West.