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Pretty Little Liars: The Ladies Find Ian, But is it too Late?

This week on Pretty Little Liars: Spencer returns back to the pawn shop from where she pawned her sisters wedding ring that she came across in last weeks episode. She arrives there with her friends, only to find out there's a horseshoe left in place of the ring when the jeweler finds her ticket.

Shortly after, the ladies receive a text from 'A': "Just my luck, diamonds are a girls best friend."

Things in Aria's house seem to be getting back to normal with her mother and father living together again and getting along. Her mother still thinks the ladies are not seeing each other and Aria finds out her mother is taking over Ezra's class.

But not everyone seems happy with the family being back together, Aria's brother, Mike seems to have an issue. Aria later goes to the basketball court looking for him and bumps into Jason there and they share a quick past moment from their childhood as he puts a smile on Aria's face. Did anyone sense their connection? And what is Aria's brother hiding? 

In Spencer's house, Melissa is still on the search for her wedding ring as Spencer gives her hope that it will show up. Spencer catches Melissa with Ian's passport in her hand but Melissa says she needs it for the insurance claim on her ring, sure.

I loved Spencer's attitude in this episode, first with the jeweler and then when she shooed the nurse away to talk to Wren, Melissa's ex-boyfriend in the hospital. She confronts him, in asking what he gave Melissa in last weeks episode and then tells him that Ian tried to kill her, and he seems shocked. 

He admits to Spencer that he gave Melissa pain killers and confirmed that Ian is still alive, no surprise there. And according to Wren, Ian didn't tell Melissa where he is until she gives him the medicine and that Ian is hiding somewhere outside of Rosewood.

Spencer asks him to help her find Ian. Wren refuses to help at first but changes his mind during the end as he tricks Melissa in seeing Ian to check on him with the medicine before Ian and Melissa leave.

Spencer later on snoops through Melissa's luggage as she's taking a shower and finds Ian's passport inside the suitcase along with men clothing on one side and female clothing on the other side. Later that night, Spencer looks out the window and see's Melissa packing the suitcase in her trunk.

Hanna goes to a solo session this week with her therapist after her mother mother makes her. During therapy she still refuses to break through as the therapist asks Hanna to talk to Allison as if she were there and listening. Hanna opens up during another session with the therapist and talks about her and Allison's friendship. Hanna calls Allison her best friend yet her worst enemy at the same time. She then see's a vision of Allison who says she'll always be with Hanna.

Hanna talks to the empty chair where Allison is supposed to be and says, "You can't reach into my life anymore, not unless I let you. You're gone and I'm so over missing you."

Later on that night the therapist returns to her office only to find someone trashed it. She finds a clock stopped on a certain time and a note written in red on the wall that said: "Nosey b*tches die." Does the time, 6:05 mean anything?

Hanna and Caleb "double date" with Lucas and his date Danielle to accompany and help out a nervous Lucas.

While on their date, Danielle points out to Lucas that Hanna keeps checking him out and is very much still into him. Do you think Hanna should be with Lucas or Caleb?

Emily receives a present from 'A' with new gear for her new school after her mother received a fake letter last week saying Emily will receive a scholarship. 

The present included a note from 'A' that read: "So happy to have you on our team."

Later on, Emily is about to come clean to her mother and tell her the truth about the letter as her girlfriend Samara comes to her rescue and makes up a story to save Emily.

At the end, the ladies all get together and secretly follow Wren and Melissa as they drive to a secret location where Ian is hidden. Melissa goes inside and screams. Wren and the ladies rush in and all see Ian dead, slumped down on the ground with blood on his head and holding a gun like he shot himself. There's a note next to his body that reads: "I killed Allison and lost my temper..." on top.

The camera then pans over the wall and we see there are horseshoes on the wall and one is missing, the same one that Spencer took from the pawn shop earlier instead of the ring.

'A', or at least we think it's 'A' is watching them the whole time and goes to the ladies car and slips a cell phone inside a purse.

- This doesn't look good for Spencer. When the cops find out about Ian's death, all clues are going to be pointed at Spencer, the horseshoe and the cell phone. I also think 'A' wrote Ian's "suicide" letter.

Is Ian really dead this time? Do you think there is more than one 'A'?

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