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Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere Recap

The fist pumping is back...oh yaaaa!! (In my Pauly D voice)

"Lock up your daughters, handcuff your wives," Mike 'The Situation' said because The Jersey Shore cast made their return on the tubes, exploring Italy for season 4.

A couple of things have changed this season; Snooki has another boyfriend and she lost weight, Vinny has a beard (I think he looks better without the beard) and Sammi and Ronnie are single...well for now.

"Single Ronnie is back, worrying about himself...fresh start in Italy no more being a b*tch," Ronnie said.

The Jersey Shore cast is first shown in their New Jersey and New York homes packing. And athough the cast is surrounded by a whole new culture this season, the number one rule still applies: NO Grenades!

One of Ronnie's boys said no crying this season, lol. He did a lot of that last season. Sammi is shown next and she says there will be no crying this season. These two are pretty sure there will be no Ronnie and Sammi drama... sureee.

The girls meet up together and the boys all meet up to board the airport as it's a race to Italy to see who gets to pick their rooms first. The guys, of course, make it to the house first and Ronnie decides to room with Mike this time instead of Sammi, to try and avoid smushing her as he says.

Mike finds out Snooki isn't single and says she'll be single in Italy, but the girls tell him no. He seems like he has a mission to ruin Snooki's relationship and he did say earlier since Snooki lost weight she's smushable.

The roomies realize they're not in Jersey anymore and experience some difficulties: Only two roommates know how to drive a stick; Snooki and Pauly who will be driving the roommates around in their cars. They also have electricity problems and very few outlets to plug in their hair dryers, only Vinny knows how to speak Italian and their GPS in both cars are in Italian. They also have trouble reading their maps and difficulty navigating the streets.

Mike decides to confide in Ronnie and says him and Snooki hooked up in Jersey a couple months ago. He says they hooked up a couple times and the recent one was when Snooki was in her relationship with her boyfriend. Mike tells Ronnie not to say anything and also confesses that he kind of has feelings for Snooki. Oh oh!

Later on, the roomies spend their first night clubbing in Florence, Italy and Vinny is basically the translator for the guys when they're trying to mack to a girl since the other guys can't speak Italian.

Deena says, "I wanna dance, I wanna do the Jersey Turnpike all over the place and I wanna make out with people."

Deena also has a crush on Pauly and winds up kissing him in the club. All I could say was ewww! That kiss looked gross, a lot of biting on lips and tongue, Pauly's face looked as if he was in pain or trying not to laugh.

And does anybody else find Pauly hilarious? Especially when he says one of my favorite Pauly D lines, "Cabs are hereee!!" but now it's "Taxi son aqui!!" Lol.

Also at the club, Mike gets sucked into the Snook's effect, as I like to call it, and tells her he loves her like a ka-billion times. The roommates can tell Mike is crushing hard. Well this will only lead to future drama in the house between the two.

If it isn't Ronnie and Sammi drama then it's something else. I think the house should just be roomie-hookup free and they should find outsiders to hook up with.

What did you think about the Jersey Shore premiere last night?

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  1. The premier was ok. That kiss between Pauly D and Deena is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Pure nastiness.

  2. LMAO! I totally agree. I'm like was Pauly disgusted or was he laughing? His face showed it.


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