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Jersey Shore: The End of Snooki and Jionni

So I'm kind of late recaping this weeks episode of the Jersey Shore but no worries because not much happened. The whole show was basically about Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni. He comes to visit Snooki and doesn't even last in Italy for one whole day. 

Him, Snooki and all the roommates go out to party and Snooki shows off her wild side, a side that Jionni doesn't like.

Of course she gets drunk and as she's dancing she pulls her dress up and shows her a**. This upsets Jionni and he tells Snooki she's dancing like a whore and then he storms out of the club.

Snooki runs out after him, screaming, "Where's my boyfriend?" She can't even keep up chasing after him because she's running in heels and falling over.

Ronnie tries talking to Jionni and offers advice but Jionni is stuck in his stubborn ways and doesn't listen to anybody  Jwoww takes her heals off to chase Jionni but that doesn't work.

So Snooki yells at everyone to leave her alone and even screams at Jwoww who had to set her straight. They take Snooki back to the house and she continues to cry.

Jionni finally shows up at the house and the drama continues. Snooki follows after him, screaming, "What did I do?" and he keeps walking away and telling her to leave him alone.

This situation is just like when Ronnie and Sammi argue. Sammi even notices and says now she see's what everyone else see's now that she's looking in from the outside. 

After a bunch of "I hate you's!" from Snooki, Jionni packs his bags, catches a cab and leaves.

Well, on the next episode it looks like it's the end of Snooki and Jionni as we see her and Vinny hooking up again. Oh how quickly we move on.

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