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Leaked Chris Brown DM's Allegedly Between Him and His Male Lover

*** Updated Oct 3: Chris Brown denies rumors and tweets:

"Stop photoshopping fake conversations bruh!!! That's pause!!"

"Cmon son .. Now I got a ni**a out here lying for 2 minutes of Fame. (thats a pause moment my G) I'll let my lawyers handle it from here.."

Original Story: So rumors have recently been spreading around that Chris Brown is allegedly gay and had sex with a little known r&b singer male named Martyn (@MartynWorld). 

Leaked Twitter DM messages between Chris and this man reveal some private details:

"Yeah I enjoyed when you fcked the sh*t outta me ni**a but thats only in the moment, only a  stupid ni**a would reject an opportunity like that." - a DM sent from Chris Brown's Twitter account


In the DM's Chris also bashes former B2K member, Raz B, whom he previously had a previous altercation with and made racial and gay slurs at Raz B. Chris also bashes some r&b artists, FOX News, Good Morning America and oh yeah, he says eff anyone who thinks he needs anger management.

See all of the DM's HERE! (Read from the bottom to the top)

Now we can always say his Twitter got hacked and someone falsely wrote these DM's but hey you never know.

Chris Brown has tweeted nothing lately about these rumors but did tweet earlier today, "Music drowns out the noise! Focus drowns out the ignorant!"

Chris Brown Gay Sex Martyn Direct Messages Twitter
Martyn's Twitter page

The ironic part is, in one DM that Martyn sends to Chris, he says, "... just make sure this sh*t don't leak. Delete everything. Am about to right now. Deuces."

Well, so much for not leaking.

Also, according to Gather, a new rumor about the night that Rihanna was beaten by Chris Brown suggests that this happened because he was cheating on her with a man.

Supposedly, Rihanna found out that Chris was cheating on her with a man named Andre Merritt and confronted him on this, which started their huge confrontation that everyone found out about. (Older leaked pics)

Do you believe Chris Brown swings that way?