Friday, October 28, 2011

Usher Gets Yelled At and Grabbed Up By Random Woman (Video)

"Was that really Usher!" is heard in the background of this video of a crazy lady screaming at Usher in a crowd over a parking spot.

It sounds as if she is yelling out, "This is my spot" and telling Usher to move his car. Reports are saying Usher left his car in a handicap spot. and when he didn't move it, the lady became pissed.

He was in Atlanta, Georgia last Saturday for the city's annual Little 5 Points Halloween Parade. The furious lady even screamed out to Usher, "You don't belong here!"

A dressed up Elvis and some other onlookers had to save the day and control the lady, but she was able to get a hit in on Usher. TMZ obtained footage of the video below.

Oh hell no! I got your back boo, I'm on my way as I wrap up typing this!

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