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Tyler Perry's "For Better or Worse" Premiere Recap

Back-to-back episodes of the new Tyler Perry Show For Better or Worse premiered last night and I really enjoyed it. Ironically, I'm a fan of Tyler Perry and his movies but I'm not into his other show, House of Payne.

On the other hand, For Better or Worse grabbed my attention right away and if you like the Why Did I Get Married movies, then you'll enjoy seeing this spin-off show of the two characters; Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus (Michael Jai White) who are still dealing with the problems of married life.

Angela and Marcus are doing very well for themselves since we last saw their characters play out in Why Did I Get Married Too? They live in a lavish house, and like in the movie, Angela is a beauty-salon owner and Marcus continues his role as a former professional football player who now produces a highly rated sports television show, along with his friends Joseph and Richard who join Marcus in the new business venture.

Richard dates Leslie, played by former Miss USA, Crystle Stewart. Leslie is a real estate agent on the show and a frequent visitor of Angela's salon. Her and Richard live together and both establish throughout the show that they are comfortable with only dating and not being married.

Additional cast members include; Todd, the young, nosy intern who is always trying to fit in with Marcus and the guys. And then there is Jennifer, Angela's funny worker who always chimes in with her advice and listens to Angela's problems.

Marcus' ex and baby-mother, Keisha is also back and her and Angela continue their beef in the premiere episode.

The opening scene shows Keisha's daughter, Dominique and Angela's son, MJ arguing after Dominique says her mother called Angela a hoe.

When Angela tries to put the little girl in her place, Dominique tells her not to touch her or she'll tell her mother.

Next thing you know we hear, "Marcusssssss!" coming from Angela of course.

She tells Marcus to talk to Keisha before she hurts her. Later on, things escalate when Keisha comes to the house to talk with Marcus but winds up being alone with Angela.

Angela confronts Keisha about her daughter's disrespectful ways and Keisha laughs it off saying she called Angela a "trashy hoe."

Things get physical when Angela reaches out and grabs Keisha up. After fighting, we see both of the ladies on the floor and exhausted as they both realize they're too old for all of that.

Keisha finally lets out the real reason why she is mad at Angela after all of these years. She tells Angela that Marcus was hers first and Angela took him away.

Back at Leslie and Joseph's place, the rest of the clan come to find out that Richard, Marcus' buddy and work partner, is now dating Keisha. 

Marcus catches some feelings after hearing the news and doesn't understand why Richard would want to date his ex. Leslie asks Marcus why does it matter if Richard is dating Keisha if he's supposed to be over her.

Marcus says, "I am over her, you know what I'm saying." Remember the "you know what I'm saying" line from the movie? Angela said that's a sign that Marcus is lying. So is he really over his ex? Marcus then realizes Keisha is now Richard's problem and wishes him luck.

Shouldn't there be some type of guy code with not dating each others exes? Especially with Keisha being so involved in Marcus' life since they have a child together. Awkward.

Marcus rushes to his house along with Richard, Joseph and Leslie, thinking that Angela is going to severely hurt Keisha over the hoe comment. But when they arrive Keisha and Angela are getting along which leaves everyone in shock.

In the next episode we see everyone back at Leslie and Joseph's house bonding over dinner. Everything goes well until the three couples start talking and reminiscing on old times over drinks.

Keisha asks Leslie and Joseph about marriage in their future. Joseph takes over the conversation, speaks for both of them and assures Keisha they are fine with just living together and not being married. Leslie then says their relationship is fine the way it is but we can tell that she isn't all the way satisifed with their decision.

Richard asks Marcus and Angela, how did they make it.

On the Why Did I Get Married movies, we saw Marcus and Angela having a lot of problems.; trust issues, cheating, arguments... you name it. 

Since then, Angela and Marcus renewed their vows and Angela said their friend Patricia (Janet Jackson) even gave them an exercise to work through their past problems.

The couple confessed everything that they did to each other in their relationship so they could forgive and forget the past.  

Richard goes on picking at Marcus and says, "And you told her EVERYTHING?" implying that some things were left unsaid. Richard then slips up and reveals that Marcus begged Keisha to get back with him the night before he married Angela.

Before things get worse, Richard and Keisha excuse themselves and Keisha says, "Goodnight, thanks for dinner b*tches."

The next day back at Angela's shop, Leslie questions whether she should marry Joseph or not. And with the men, things are a little shaky at work between Marcus and Richard.

Towards the end of the episode, Keisha shows up at the guys job to talk to Marcus. She finds Marcus alone and says she is not trying to make him jealous by being with Richard and says she didn't know him and Richard knew each other.

Keisha also confesses that she still loves and wants Marcus and she wants to know if he is over her. Keisha tells him that she has regretted not taking Marcus back on the night he came back to her before his wedding.

Marcus tells Keisha that he loves his wife and she still pushes up on him. Leslie comes to the room and see's Keisha all over Marcus and then she walks away. She didn't stay long enough to see Marcus pushing Keisha off and denying her advances.

I can't wait till next week! I know Leslie is gonna run and tell Angela what she saw. Uh oh! Marcus is going to hear an ear full when he gets home.

Maybe other characters from the Why Did I Get Married movie will make an appearance on the show?? There was a brief mention of Janet Jackson's character, so you never know.

For Better or Worse comes on every Friday at 10 p.m. on TBS.