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For Better or Worse: Marcus is in the Dog House with Angela, Trust is Out the Window

Ohhh let the couple fighting begin! Yesterdays For Better or Worse just heated up things between Marcus and Angela and with their history there is sure to be drama.
So Angela finds a letter from a woman claiming she has a child with Marcus and wanting child support payments. At first, Angela thinks the letter is from Marcus' baby mother, Keisha. Angela says Marcus already pays Keisha $5,000 a month in child support payments! So why would Keisha be greedy and demand more money?

At Angela's hair shop, Keisha meets up with Angela and tells her she is not the woman who wrote the letter. Comes to find out, another woman named Sabrina is claiming to have a three month year old child with Marcus.

The women put their thinking caps on and realize Marcus' infedility must have happened around a year ago. Angela pulls out her man-tracker, which is a device she uses to keep track of Marcus. She says last year around that time Marcus went to a Las Vegas bachelor party, he was a little drunk and Angela knows what time he went to bed, when he woke up and what time he caught his flight.

Angela is crazy when it comes to keeping check on her man. She also said she checks Marcus' bank account, his voicemail and his heart rate. Lol.

Can I just say that the character Jennifer is hilarious on this show. She is so extra in everything she says and with the advice she gives to Angela and Leslie.

Later on, Angela confronts Marcus about the Sabrina woman. Marcus claims to have never seen this woman, let alone sleep with her. Little did he know there was a picture that also came with the letter, showing Marcus and this woman in bed together.

Angela asks Marcus one last time if he ever met the woman, and after he denies it again, she whips out the photo. Proof...boom!

But Marcus still swears he never has been around the woman. So I paused my TV to get a better look at the photo. Marcus looks like he is kind of passed out on top of the bed, with clothes on and the woman next to him looks like she's conscious. I think this could have been a set up. The woman possibly could have taken advantage of a passed out Marcus and had that photo taken to make it look like something it's not.

Now Angela feels like she can't trust Marcus anymore and at the end of episode 5 Marcus is sleeping on the couch.

Back at Marcus' job, there is still hostility showing between him and Richard. Things aren't any better since Richard anounced in last weeks episode that he plans on marrying Keisha.

Marcus and Richard have a one on one and Marcus lets him know Keisha is not to be trusted. He tells Richard that Keisha said she still loves him but Richard just thinks Marcus is jealous. But Richard will see, all in due time.

The nosy intern Todd is snooping around as usual and cracks some jokes on Marcus' situation at home.

Marcus puts Todd in his place and says, "when you find a woman who stops you in your tracks then you'll know what love really is and then you will realize what you're willing to put up with."

Go get your woman Marcus!

Marcus calls and orders up flowers and candles to make up to Angela later on. Back at the hair shop, the ladies are talking about men and trust. Jennifer and Angela ask Leslie if she ever told a little white lie to Joseph. Leslie says her and Richard don't lie to each other and are completely honest.

I say this, no relationship is 100 percent full of honesty. Everyone tells little white lies from time to time and usually couples want to protect the other persons feelings so they may just brush off the "simple lies." You can agree to disagree with this statement.

The ladies continue to dish about men and Angela says she already expects Marcus to make up to her with flowers.

Jennifer calls flowers the "guilt gift."

And Leslie brings up a good point, why can't flowers be because "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you" not just when a man does something wrong? Good point Leslie.

Angela slips up and tells Leslie that Joseph is still paying for his ex's mortgage. So later on Leslie confronts Joseph. He walks in their house while the women are having girl talk and Jennifer blurts out the information. Joseph admits to paying his ex's mortgage but says Leslie already knew that and had the listing of his ex's place. Hmm, okay Joseph is safe for now. 

Towards the end of episode 6, Angela arrives home and Marcus is sitting in their bedroom surrounded by flowers, there is a bubble bath waiting for her, rose petals and dinner has already been cooked.

Marcus tells her that he's been trying to think of the picture with the woman but he can't. Angela tells him that his nice gestures won't work this time and tells him she just wants to be left alone. And Marcus lets her know that his actions are not the "I'm guilty" behavior it's "I love you" behavior.


I actually believe what Marcus is saying, that he doesn't know the woman in the picture and he probably doesn't even remember how he got in the bed with her. We'll see.

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