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Bad Girls Club: The House Divides in Half, Jenna Defends Amy & Becomes the New Target

Episode 2: "Weaving Las Vegas"

This week starts off with the nut Amy jumping around the house and waking everyone up. Amy said even though she got in a fight with Gia and Demitra on the first night, she wants to put that behind her. 

Demitra calls Amy a schizo and Amy said, "I may be a schizo but I love you."

Demitra's roommate, Jenna starts hanging out with Amy a lot and they quickly become BFF's in the house.

"I just see something in Amy that may be good for the house...she's funny as hell and I like her a lot," Jenna said.

Demitra wants some new people in the house. When her, The Victor Twins and Erica are in the kitchen and Amy comes in and thinks they're making drinks without her, she gets mad when she thinks she's not invited.

"These girls are the biggest vagina holes that I ever met in my life," Amy said.

As the ladies are trying to figure out how to use the oven, Erica opens it and out comes Amy's extensions that the twins put in the oven in last weeks episode.

"Whoever wants to laugh can get their a** slapped," Amy said. 

The Victor Twins and Demitra start giggling and Amy lightly pushes one of twins.

"I feel like I'm about to kill somebody," Amy said. "Nobody touches my weave!"

As Demitra is still laughing, Amy goes for her and puts her hand around Demetra's neck. Erica tries to break them up, but Demitra and Amy start swinging at each other. 

"It was weave in the oven son, she act like we put her first born child in the f*cking oven," Demitra said.

"Amy is psychotic, crazy, she's mentally unstable..." Erica said.

After the quick hits, Demitra's face is swollen thanks to Amy. She wants Amy to go home. The ladies have a house meeting and Demitra asked Amy why did she hit her. Amy said as an adult she doesn't remember. Lol.

Jenna starts defending Amy and said Amy is cool, she deserves another chance. Demitra decides to let Amy stay just because Jenna wants Amy to stay. Demitra just doesn't want Amy to talk to her for the rest of the time they're in the house and said she'll put up with Amy just because she's Jenna's friend.

The Victor Twins feel like Jenna is being fake for taking Amy's side. Amy said she feels bad and just wants to move past the drama.


All the bad girls go out to a strip club to party and The Victor Twins are pissed when Demitra is partying with Amy and seems cool after Amy hit her.

Later on, guess who shows back up? Little Miss Gia. Most of the girls are happy to see Gia back, but Amy is pissed.

Gia said she decided to come back and show the girls the real her and now the house divides.

Erica called Jenna and Amy basic b*tches. When Jenna and Amy step out to hang with each other; Gia, Erica and The Victor Twins mess with Amy's stuffed animal "Larry." They put him in the toilet and bury him in the sand. All of them still don't understand why Demitra is being cool with Amy. 

The Victor Twins met some random guy on a plane named Cash and they invite him and his wingman to the house. Amy instantly sets her eyes on the wingman. Erica has a plan to get Amy and the wingman to sleep together so Amy can regret it in the morning. 

Later, Amy calls her ex-boyfriend, the guy she is still seeing, and tells him she's going to fake a wedding. 

So the bad girls have a Bad Girls Las Vegas style wedding. 

"My plan was to get Amy laid, not married," Erica said.

The next day, Demitra, Jenna and Amy go to a strip club. They exclude the other girls because they just want to have fun and leave the drama behind.

"They're lame, I'm not gonna be lame by association...we're the real life of the party, f*ck them," Erica said to the other girls who stayed home.

They go through Jenna's items and find her weave and a fake Louis Vuitton bag and they mess with her stuff. When Jenna, Amy and Demetra get home, Jenna makes too much noise and wakes up Erica and The Victor Twins. 

Erica starts yelling because Jenna woke her up. Amy jumps in the conversation to stand up for Jenna but Erica doesn't back down.

Now Erica, Gia and The Victor Twins want Jenna out the house just as much as they want Amy out.

"I see her (Jenna) as the scum of the f*cking earth and I'm gonna get rid of her it's going to be my goal in this house," Erica said.