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The Game: Malik Isn't Balling Anymore & Melanie Tries to Find Herself in Life

Episode 2: "No Money No Problems"

And we're back to half hour episodes...

Derwin gets the Verizon endorsement thanks to Irv hooking it up. Yup, Irv is back in the picture as Derwin's manager again. 

Derwin  tells Melanie she is the CEO of Derwin's enterprises but as CEO she wants to know why she didn't know about Derwin's decision to make Irv his manager again.

"...Irv dumped me. But he dumped me because he's a winner and I wasn't winning but now I am. Matter of fact I'm so winning, I'm Charlie Sheen'ing it and if Irv stops winning we will dump his a** like Tasha," Derwin says to Melanie.

Melanie wants to be Derwin's manager and she negotiates with her va-jay-jay, as Derwin calls it, lol. So Derwin decides to let Melanie oversee Irv.

Melanie has a meeting with Irv to discuss bookings for Derwin. In the middle of the meeting, Tasha calls Irv and wants to sue him and Derwin over the Verizon deal, thinking Irv is trying to steal her money since as Derwin's ex-manager, she introduced Derwin to Verizon first. 

Melanie, Irv and Tasha set up a meeting with a lawyer and Tasha brings her A game to prove that she was the start of Derwin's Verizon's deal and she winds up receiving ten percent of all earnings of the deal.

Ta-dowww Tasha won.

And she says to Melanie, "Little girl, why don't you go home and cook your man some chicken and maybe have you a baby. Oh I almost forgot, you can't do either one. Don't come for me!"

Later on, Derwin tells Melanie that she was never the boss of Irv. The meeting with Tasha confirmed why.

"... He was just humoring you for me. Melanie, he was running everything by me first," Derwin said.

Derwin told Melanie she can't handle the truth and all he wants is for her to be his wife.

"Oh I get it, you just want me to shutup, have no opinion and spread my legs for you...I didn't sign up for this," Melanie said.

Melanie tells Derwin that he wouldn't be who he is if it wasn't for her. But Derwin comes right back and lets Melanie know that his hands are the hands that catch the football, not her hands.

"Well thank you for letting me know where I stand," Melanie said to Derwin.

The argument doesn't last long. Later on in bed, Derwin admits that he wouldn't be where he was without his wife and then they cuddle.

I love them together!

Malik gets told that he has no money because the money he is making isn't nothing compared to the money he owes. He has to go on a $25,000 budget a month and his babies (Malik's two cars) gotta go!

"No remorse from stripping a black man of his kids, it's Roots all over again," Malik said.

Tee Tee comes around, it's his birthday and he wants to do it up big, thinking Malik can cover the tab. 

Malik doesn't want to come clean about being on a budget and decides to keep showboating and letting Tee Tee think he's still balling out of control like before. 

Later on at the club, singer Estelle makes a small appearance on the show and Tee Tee wants to buy an expensive bottle for her "Baller Etiquette" and more people wind up coming through to the party, leaving Malik with a big fat bill. 

But, Momma Tasha had to come to Malik's rescue and pay the bill at the end.

***Side Note: Why doesn't this episode show what happened to Trey Wiggs after he got punched by Derwin in last weeks episode? I was expecting Trey to go in the house after Derwin or something.

And, Jason wasn't shown during this episode.

What do you think of season 5 so far?