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Alicia Keys Writing New Music and Collaborating with

Well doesn't this just look so amazing and relaxing. Alicia Keys tweeted this photo of herself yesterday and said:

 Alicia Keys 
Working on the best song I've ever written yet!;-)

According to Billboard.comAlicia will also collaborate on on his upcoming album #willpower:

"In addition to Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger, who join the Black Eyed Peas frontman on lead single "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)," told Capital FM that musicians including Britney Spears, LMFAO, Alicia Keys, Swedish House Mafia and Shakira will be among the album's contributors.

"I have a song with Alicia Keys - me, Alicia and Swedish House Mafia. I have a song with The Beats, which is pretty grand. Me and Shakira have been trying to finish the stuff we started, and me and Britney is really crazy," he said. "We got a song with me, LFMAO and Eva Simons. A song with me and Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats. I got a whole other bunch of collaborations."

A date for the #willpower hasn't been announced yet.

Also, Alicia is set to work with indie rock performer Bon Iver:

"The musician told USA Today that he's written songs with the R&B singer, and would like to feature her on an even larger project.

"I have a big idea to do an American songbook of the greatest women singers. There are so many: Casey [Dienel] from White Hinterland, Bonnie Raitt, Alicia," he said.