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The Game: Tasha Gets Played By Her Sex Escort and Her & Melanie Are Forced to Talk Out Their Issues

Episode 9: "Catfight on the Catwalk"

Melanie goes nuts behind the scenes trying to put together her fashion show, the one she previously stole from Tasha.

"I've got too much riding on this thing, I've built it up like it's going to be bigger than New York Fashion Week so I've gotta pull this off so I can push it down Tasha's throat because I know she's out there waiting for me to fail," Melanie said.

And Melanie is right. Tasha is right in the audience and waiting for everything to blow up in Melanie's face, calling her a "fashion show stealing a**."

While at the fashion show, Tasha runs into her sex escort lover boy Reynaldo and see's him on the arm of another woman/client.

I missed recaping The Game last week, but Tasha paid Reynaldo to be exclusively all hers in her city so he isn't seen flaunting around with other women. Tasha is afraid this will embarrass her in front of all the people she knows in Saber town.

"Okay you know what, you must of lost your mind bringing another woman to my event," Tasha tells him.

Reynaldo said Tasha wasn't supposed to be there. So he's basically taking Tasha's money but still parading around other women anyway. He's playing her.


Melanie is missing a couple of models for her fashion show and guess where they're at? In bed with Malik, why of course. In the middle of his model threesome, Malik suffers a sex mishap.

"It's okay Malik, it happens to guys all the time," the girls inform him.

"This does not happen to Malik Wright, I stay rocked up!" he says.

Malik comes to the conclusion that he's under a lot of stress which is his reason for not getting up and he rushes off.

He later on goes to the rehab house and finds Jenna. Malik wants to know whats going on between them and reveals that he couldn't even get it up during his threesome.

"So you came here to get my permission to cheat? I wanna be with you but it's unrealistic of me to think you're gonna go the next how many months without sex. So I give you my blessing to spread your wings...," Jenna said. She's unsure of how long it will take for her to get her life together.

Malik tells Jenna he still loves her.

As Tasha is trying to scurry from the fashion event, Melanie runs into her and says, "Well, well, well yet another man dumps Tasha-mizak. If I didn't know any better I'd think you might die a bitter, old, lonely woman. But then again, you have your extensive collection of black sitcoms to keep you company."

Tasha said this is exactly the reason why Melanie doesn't have any friends.

Melanie said she doesn't have time for Tasha's mouth or games because she's too busy running the fashion show that is now all hers. She calls security to escort Tasha back to her strategically crappy seats, that Melanie personally picked.

As Tasha is escorted back to her seat, she runs into Reynaldo again. He tells her not to ruin the special thing they share and said they can fix things between them.

"For your information ya thing ain't that special," Tasha tells him. 

Then she yells, "Look I told you I am officially done paying your a** for sex!"

Everyone gasps as they hear and Tasha rushes out and into the bathroom. 

Melanie catches up with Tasha in the bathroom and says she commends her. 

"It takes a strong, brave, open-minded woman to pay a man for sex...and who gives a damn what anybody else thinks," Melanie said to try and cheer Tasha up.

But Tasha shuts her down and said she doesn't care what Melanie thinks and dismisses her. Melanie tries to leave the bathroom but winds up locked in with Tasha. Derwin is standing on the other side of the door with Tee Tee and Jason and tells the ladies that locking them in the bathroom is for their own good.

The men leave the ladies in the bathroom to sort out their beef and they continue on with the fashion show themselves.

Tasha calls Melanie a b*tch. Melanie calls Tasha a bully. The two slap each other then Melanie locks herself in the bathroom stall, scared that Tasha will beat her up after smacking her back.

The real underlying problem Tasha has had with Melanie this whole time is the fact that she never apologized. And Melanie never realized she never apologized. She comes out of the stall and starts sobbing. Tasha takes Melanie back and says they're more than friends, they're also family.

So two things get accomplished on this episode. Melanie and Tasha repair their friendship and Malik found out the root to his sex problem and now is free to freak anyone without feeling any guilt over Jenna.