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Bad Girls Club: New Girl Camilla Goes Buck Wild on Her Housemates

Episode 12: "Breakup Breakdown"

The Bad Girls Club picks back up from two weeks ago with Christine - one of the new replacements - getting a not so friendly goodbye after she decides to call it an early quits.

Christine didn't last long
Gia, Erica, Elease and the other new girl Camilla decided to jump Christine as she was entering the car to leave the Bad Girls Club house for good. 

Demetria isn't happy with her roommates beating up Christine.

"I didn't agree with putting hands on Christine, ya'll are grown a** women ya'll can do that sh*t but I'm not gonna put my hands on someone who is clearly weak as f*ck," Demetria said to the girls.

Erica's response is, "Who cares? Hopefully the replacement b*tch is a 300 pound b*tch and then she can fight."

Camilla said Christine coming in the house was a waste of time and she would beat her up again if she had to.

Camilla added, "I just feel like I sacrificed a lot and everybody else sacrificed a lot and if you don't want to be here don't take a spot that can be taken by somebody else that wants to be here."

Demetria is unsure of her place in the house with the other girls since she stood up for her own beliefs and decided not to help them fight Christine. Demetria talks to Elease and tells her she is uncomfortable with their actions.

Elease said Demetria should have felt the same sympathy towards her when she was the new girl getting jumped by everybody.

"I just feel like this is a cry for attention," Elease tells Demetria.

Erica notices that Demetria doesn't like Elease talking to anyone else and she feels like Demetria is a jealous friend. Elease says the only reason why she was close to Demetria is because everyone else was back and forth with The Twins while they were in the house. 

Elease decides to get to know everyone in the house, not just Demetria.

"What the girls did to Christine can happen to me and it's defintely putting me on edge," Demetria said. 

A paranoid Demetria drinks a whole bottle of Hennessy, gets wasted drunk and starts walking around the house mumbling and then screaming that no one cares about her. She feels like she's the next one to get kicked out. Next thing you know, Demetria pukes up chunks of crap all over her and Elease's bedroom. 

The girls - minus Demetria - all go out to the club. Camilla and Amy bond a little on the dance floor and seem like new buddies.

Elease said, "I don't trust Camilla because I know her type, she wants to be friends but she really doesn't, she just wants to gather information and tell whoever to basically fit in."

When the girls return home from the club, Elease decides she is not going to stay in the puke bedroom and she moves her things out of their room and into the VIP room where she first started. Erica helps Elease move her bed out the room into Camilla's room, while Demetria is sleeping. But then Demetria wakes up, gets mad and helps Elease move her things out.

"Mimi (Demetria) is a psycho right now because she is territorial. I don't like this, so this is giving me more of an excuse to get out of this room and get away from Mimi," Elease said.

Elease says now Camilla thinks Demetria is out of the picture but just because she moved out of Demetria's room doesn't mean her and Camilla will be "BGC BFF's" as Elease calls it.

"I have nothing in common with this girl...just because we're in the same room doesn't mean we're going to be friends," Elease said.

Elease and Demetria decide to hang out after all their drama. Elease lets her know that just because she moved out the room doesn't change anything between them. Elease also finds it weird that Camilla jumped on their bandwagon so fast and turned on Christine as soon as she came in the house.

Camilla noticed Elease and Demetria going out and doesn't like the fact that they didn't ask anyone else to go. She's also starting to seem like a nosy person to the other girls and Erica said Camilla doesn't matter to any of them.

Demetria isn't sure where her relationships stands with Elease now but says she won't let her guard down in the Bad Girls Club house. 

Gia, Erica and Elease come together and start talking about Elease's outing with Demetria and then they talk about their new housemate. 

Gia says, "Camilla has a mouth on her and my other roommates don't really like her, so I think this hookers time is limited in the house."

Amy gets the hunch that her ex boyfriend/ current boyfriend (whatever his title is), Jake is sneaking around and lying to her. She checks his Facebook and see's things that she doesn't like on there from other girls. 

She calls Jake and during the middle of their argument he hangs up on her. Amy is pissed so she hangs out with Camilla and the two have a few drinks. 

"I hate guys, they're pieces of sh*t," a drunk Amy says.

Amy and Camilla continue their drinking and talking. They think they're on the same page now and come to an agreement that they like each other for now until something pops off.

Camilla asks Amy if she wants to take a shower and they make out. A little later, Camilla says they need to get out the shower, but Amy says no. 

Camilla gets out anyway and grabs her towel and tells Amy she has to get her own. But Amy wants Camilla to pass her her towel and Camilla tells Amy no, if she had to get out of the shower without a towel then Amy has to too. 

Both of them start arguing with each other over a stupid towel.

Amy gets dressed and steps out of the shower saying to Camilla, "so whats your problem." Camilla says back to Amy, "b*tch I'm not the one" and the two start going at it! Camilla pushes Amy down and hands start swinging. 

After the fight, Camilla calls her mother to tell her she "beat a b*tch up." She shows that she pulled Amy's tracks out of her hair and puts it on Amy's picture.

The next morning, Amy approaches Camilla to squash things and said she rather fight someone sober. The two talk it out and call a truths. 

Camilla said even though her and Amy squashed it, she can't trust her.

"I'll kill you with kindness and I'll still walk around with my lip gloss and if you want to get it crackin' again I'll beat your a** again looking cute," she said.

All of the ladies go on a bad girl outing, Zip Lining. Camilla tries talking to the rest of the girls but they ignore her. 

Elease said, "Camilla feels like she needs to be all up in our faces and fit in, I'm so over this b*tch she needs to get the hell out."

Camilla says that the rest of the girls are being fake and says Elease is jealous that another good looking girl came in the house. 

When they get back to the house, Camilla grabs up Elease's mattress and moves it into the VIP room and tells her she doesn't want her in her room because she's fake.

Elease goes to tell Erica what Camilla is doing (instead of fighting her own battles.) Elease asks Camilla to move her mattress back Camilla refuses and says, "if anybody got a problem it's space and opportunity, I don't care."

Elease and Demetria then grab Camillia's mattress to move out the room and Camilla swings over the mattress at Demetria. Security jumps in and holds Camilla back while the rest of the girls dump her mattress in the pool.

"I don't know what Camilla's motive for this is, but like seriously you're coming into our home, moving peoples beds, that's like just childish," Erica said.

I know Erica is not talking about childish acts when she helped mess up Elease's pool and clothes.

All the girls come back upstairs and gang up on Camilla but she swings back and grabs a handful of Demetria's hair and rips out her bangs. 

"Anybody else's weave wanna come out!?" Camilla screams out. Demetria's weave now joins Amy's... in the toilet.

"This is not the end so if you think you guys won, then you haven't. You haven't won anything. You will not get the best of me, you're making me laugh," Camilla said. 

"You know what it's about to be real bad in this m*therf*cker."

The season finale of the Bad Girls Club is next Monday! 

Also, Tanisha Gets Married starts on May 7th and sneak peeks will be shown every week during the Bad Girls Club until the premiere. Catch a sneak peek of the season below:


  1. how come camilla took a massive dump in the toilet and needed a plunger in that one scene? she a nasty ho

  2. I don't fuckin care what a bitch got to say about Camilla cause she is a bad bitch and is going to beat all they asses.

  3. What punk ass bitches jumpin everyone cause none of them can stand on their own camella is the badest bad girl of all times keep whopping ass girl,


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