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Heart Attack Grill Lives Up to its Name and Strikes Again... Lady Collapses

Back in February I posted a "WTF Wednesday!" story about the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas and how a man suffered a heart attack while eating a "Triple Bypass Burger" (click HERE if you missed that).

Now, you would think after the first report of someone suffering a heart attack at this restaurant and most likely from the food there, that maybe people would think twice about eating there. 

But nope!

Nearly two months later and it happened again. According to numerous news reports, a lady recently fell victim to the restaurants food and collapsed midway through eating a "double bypass burger" while also smoking cigarettes and drinking a margarita. It is unsure of what caused the lady to collapse and she is now in recovery.

The heart attack could be triggered from the burger which contains two half-pound burger patties and bacon (with the option of adding more bacon).

I just don't get it why people still tend to flock to this restaurant AND there is even a sign that reads: "This Establishment is Bad For Your Health."

Like why even do it to yourself? I'm grossed out just reading about the food they serve there.