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America's Got Talent: Season 7 Premiere, New Judge Howard Stern Fits Right In

Season 7 of America's Got Talent kicked off yesterday with a special two hour premiere and sitting in Piers Morgan's old judging chair is now radio personality Howard Stern. 

Host Nick Cannon called Howard the "King of all media." The crowd received the shock jock well and he fit right in with the other two returning judges; Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

We also got to see a lot of acts actually finish their performances without Piers there to hit the buzzard.

Howard cracked a joked when Nick asked him what did he get himself into with being a judge on the show. Howard said from the jump he was exhausted already and the executive's at NBC are out of their minds taking a risk on him. 

"I don't know whose responsible for this but they should be fired immediately."

He's also waiting for a good million dollar act... but did he find one, yet? Check out a recap of some of yesterday's acts below:

Kicking off the show in Los Angeles was magician, Aoni Jackson who walked out on the stage in a black suit and pink bow tie, Howard even commented on his clothes and said he likes a sharp dressed man. He said he's a huge fan of magicians and believes one will when AGT this year.

Aoni asked to borrow Nick and asked for his wedding ring, but Nick said it wouldn't come off so Aoni asked Howie to come up and borrowed his ring instead.

Aoni went from a magician turned stripper as he danced to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and when he took his shirt off, his nipple had Howie's ring on it, dangling from a small nipple chain.

This act was so weird. Howie didn't find Aoni's "magic" impressive and didn't want his ring back after that, lol.

Howard had a lot of jokes tonight, I thought he was hilarious...

"I had a lot of hope for you, I was really rooting for you, I wanted to see some magic and all I saw was a guy with his pants off and a rather small package... don't feel bad I'm in the same boat my friend," Howard said.

Sharon asked Aoni, "I'm confused, are you a stripper or a magician?" 

Of course, all three judges gave Aoni a definite 'no' and Howard dished out one more joke, "as a stripper you can't have man boobs, ya understand? I have em', but I'm not a stripper."

The weird acts continued on when Miss Les a.k.a "The bird lady" came out. She said her birds eat out of her mouth and go to the bathroom on her. 

She started off her performance singing to jazz music and actually had an okay voice that got the crowd clapping, but I didn't get why she needed the birds all over her. 

She got one 'X' from Howard who didn't believe it was a million dollar act. Howie's opinion was different and of course he liked her, Howie always tends to like the weird acts. But, the bird lady didn't go through since she received two 'no's" from Howard and Sharon.

A guitarist came out and sang Tina Turner's "Proud Mary" and some weird props were used behind him, which were more like a distraction away from his singing.

"I've been doing radio for over 35 years and you're too weird for my show," Howard told the guitarist.

The guy snapped right back and said, "That might hurt my feelings if I respected your opinion."

A wannabe Michael Jackson came out and started singing "Got To Be There" by the Jackson 5 and he quickly got three exes. 

Howard asked him if his parents suggested a different career and the guy said his parents were dead... the crowd got really quiet for a moment until Howard asked, "they died of embarrassment?" 

Howie asked Howard if he was comfortable on the show yet. 

"No. I haven't been comfortable since the day I was born," he said.

A lot of memorable acts made it through:

Elements Dance Cru - A clogging and tap dance crew who impressed the judges and left the crowd cheering for them.

"The clogging was so crisp, precise and very strong," Sharon said.

William Close, the guy who creates musical instruments, brought an "earth harp," as he calls it out to the stage. The strings to this instrument stretched from the stage and attached all the way to the balcony. This seemed liked a failed act at first but turned out to be really good and also received a standing ovation from the crowd and judges.

A little girl who goes by the name 'The Amazing Elizabeth' came out and had the judges on edge as she did an aerial dance in the air.

Howie cracked a joke and said, "if you were my little girl I would go home and take all the drapes off the window."

A rapper came out and freestyled about the judges and ended it saying, "I'm making it clear in the place to be this is AGT on NBC." 

He said it was 100% off the top of his dome which impressed the judges and advanced him to the next round.

After the Los Angeles acts, AGT went to St. Louis for the first time and Sharon said there was such an array of talents there.

Light Wire Theater, a dance company performed a laser show with the lights off which was similar to Team iLuminati from last season, but also very different. Instead of dancing, this group used different props projecting a dinosaur and other characters. Watch below: 

Loyaty Dance Team came out and killed their dance moves. Sharon loved the speed of their dancing and their passion and it was no surprise that they're advancing to compete in Las Vegas. Watch below:

I'm hoping to see another type of winner this season, other than a singer being that this is a full range talent show with different types of acts. I'm rooting for the dance crews this season.

A guy by the name of Simply Sergio came out and was weird from the start. He started off his performance with a Salsa dance and singing. When he got boo'd from the crowd and got all three X's from the judges, Howard called the performance dreadful. 

Simply Sergio felt the need to go on and prove himself. He busted out singing "God Bless America" to show a different range to his voice. This ended with Simply tearing and Howard went on stage and gave the guy a hug. The judges changed their minds and gave him three yes's.

The last act of the night was a father and daughter vocal duo, Maurice and Shanice Hayes who called themselves street musicians and sung the song "You've Got a Friend."

The daughter has some major singing skills and such a strong voice. Shanice said performing on the sidewalk is like performing on a stage. She teared up at the end and said performing in front of so many people is like a dream come true.

"I'm thinking every father in America is saying 'wow, that's the type of relationship I want with my daughter'," Howard said.

Howie also called their performance the first real, moving moment of season 7.

The new season of AGT continues tonight on NBC at 8 p.m.