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Bobby Brown Talks About Whitney Houston's Death and Says He is Not the Reason Why She is Gone

In his first interview since Whitney Houston's death, Bobby Brown opens up to journalist Matt Lauer on the Today show about his ex wife. Bobby was asked on how he felt about traces of cocaine being found near Houston's body when she died.

"I was hurt. I was hurt … because, you know, me being off of narcotics for the last seven years -- I felt that she was, you know, I didn't know she was struggling with it still. But at the same time, you know -- listen, it's a hard fight. It's a hard fight to, you know, maintain sobriety that way."

Bobby said he saw Whitney a week before she died and they had dinner with their daughter, Bobbi Kristina. He said Whitney seemed happy and had a glow about her so he thought she was doing well since she looked well.

Over the years, many blamed Boddy for Whitney's downfall and drug problems throughout her music career. Bobby spoke on the influence he had in Whitney's life and said:

"It makes me feel terrible. But you know, I know differently. I think if anyone ever knew us, if anybody ever spent time around us instead of time lookin' through the bubble, they would know how we felt about each other. They would know how happy we were together."

Bobby also said he is not to blame for Whitney's drug use and said Whitney was taking drugs way before they got together.

"No, that's not true. I didn't get high before I met Whitney." He adds, "No, I-- I — I smoked weed, I drank the beer, but no, I wasn't the one that got Whitney on drugs at all."

"Yeah ... It's just -- it's just unexplainable -- how one could, you know, (say that I) got her addicted to drugs. I'm not the reason she's gone. ... I can honestly say that -- I love that woman wit h-- with everything that I am. … And I believe she loved me the same way. We wouldn't have been able to make the most beautiful girl in the world -- without love. And that's the truth."

Bobby said he is very much clean and sober these days from narcotics. Lauer also talks to Bobby's three children and his fiancee, Alicia. They want people to know Bobby is not the bad guy. 

Bobby Brown's interview segments air this Wednesday (April 2) and Thursday (April 3) on NBC.