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Tia Mowry is Not Returning to 'The Game'

***UPDATE!! Tia Mowry made her way on the New York Live show this afternoon. One of the hosts asked her about leaving The Game and Tia said yes it is true. She further explained that it was a mutual decision between her and the network and she's focusing on other projects. 

Ughhh I hope this is not true...

Butttt internet gossip has it that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall who play Melanie and Derwin on BET's hit show The Game have been fired! There's not a lot of info on this story yet and I'm not sure why they would be fired but check this...

A radio show host tweeted this morning:

Tia confirmed the rumor and tweeted herself: 

Tia also tweeted that she is looking forward to other upcoming projects; her book, season 2 of the Tia & Tamera show premiering this summer and a new movie she will be in.

Pooch Hall has yet to confirm or deny the news.

Dang that sucks! I hate to see Melanie leave The Game. AND the show was renewed for a sixth season. I don't see the show without Melanie and Derwin. 

I was really feeling The Game in the first couple of seasons but ever since it got renewed on BET it hasn't been the same. Time to cut it loose now. How sad.

The season 5 finale is June 5th.

Tia was on The Wendy Williams show earlier today promoting her book Oh Baby!
She didn't say anything about leaving The Game