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Bad Girls Club: Mehgan, Julie and Falon Plot to Break Up the Other Clique and Rima Becomes the New Target

Episode 3: The Devil Wears Nada

This week on the Bad Girls Club: Mehgan is still here, after the roomies tried voting her out the house on last week's episode. 

Rima and her crew talk about all the fights that have occurred in the house lately. Erika labels her crew (Christina and Rima) the winners and said the other girls (Julie, Falon and Mehgan) are P.A.B's (punk a** b*tches). 

Erika and crew want to recruit Ashley into their group but Ashley said she just wants to be chill right now. There is always that one girl in the middle of two cliques.

LAST WEEKS RECAP: Christina and Julie Get Physical and Mehgan is Not Wanted in the House

As Mehgan is getting the rest of her belongings out of the pool after last weeks fight with Rima, she said she isn't tripping on the fact that no one likes her in the house and she's not leaving until she's ready to leave.

Julie keeps talking about Christina and the fact that she doesn't like her. 

The party girls; Rima, Ashley, Christina and Erika take body shots off each other in the kitchen and they start dancing, having fun and screaming. 

"I'm taking shots until I get f*cked up," Rima said.

Julie and Mehgan are outside talking and Rima walks out and sits with them. She starts talking nonsense and says the devil is inside her. 

Rima said when people have alcohol in their system the truth comes out. She starts crying to Mehgan and said she may look classy but she gets trashy and she goes on and on how she wants to be Mehgan's friend.

Erika hears Rima crying out and says, "is she (Rima) serious?" 

She thinks Rima is being phony and said if Rima wants to be a punk then she can take her "punk a**" over to the other crew. 

Julie thinks Rima has been brainwashed after Rima spills out that the other girls told her not to talk to their crew.

Rima puts on a drunken show and yells at Ashley saying she didn't have her back during the fight between her and Mehgan.

Later on, during a confessional with Mehgan, Julie and Falon, Christina goes by the door to eavesdrop on the girls conversation. 

The girls hear somebody by the door and when they walk out, Christina runs away. Julie knew it was Christina and they make a comment that the house is hunted.

Christina says out loud, "I think the house is hunted with a bunch of dirty sluts."

Julie takes offense to Christina's comment and the two fight again, round 3! Julie hits Christina first but Christina finishes it again.

The next day, Rima wakes up and asks Erika what happened the day before. She says when she starts drinking the devil named "Charlie" comes out of her and terrorizes everyone.

Christina and Erika start to realize later on that Rima isn't the same girl they originally met and they think they're going to lose her to the other clique.

Erika, Christina, Ashley and Rima all go out to eat and afterwards get tattoos. While eating, the girls tell Rima she needs to stay with their crew because they need her to drive them everywhere. Rima is the only one who can drive out of their crew.

Falen, Christina and Mehgan go out to get their nails done and say their crew is going to stick together (but this never happens).

The three create a plan to be nice to the other clique, for now, and then they want to break them up. Mehgan said those girls don't trust each other and said it'll be so easy to make up a story, and tell Erika that Rima was talking crap about her. 

This reminds me of season 7 when Nastasia faked being nice to Shelly but the whole time she had a plan to fight her.

As Mehgan, Julie and Falon decide to play it cool with the other girls, Julie talks to Christina and tells her she is over the drama, she says they're cool. Christina decides she will open up a little to Julie now, but what she doesn't know is that Julie is playing her.

"We are the bad girls and they are just pathetic," Mehgan said about the other clique.

The next morning, Julie tells Erika that her and Christina made up.

"I think Jersey (Christina) is dumb enough to believe we're actually cool, so I'm just gonna keep planting the seed and wait for my plan to unfold," Christina said.

All the girls go out Tequila tasting and everyone is getting along for now. Julie plans on telling Erika all the crap Rima has been talking behind her back.

Towards the end of the episode, Mehgan celebrates her 22nd birthday but not without some drama. Erika gets upset that Rima invited herself with Mehgan and her crew and she didn't invite her and Christina to their little outing. So Christina and Erika stay back and talk about Rima while the other girls hang out.

"These b*tches wanna go out and not invite us... it can be me and Jersey versus the whole house... we can make ya'll b*tches life a living hell, we haven't decided yet," Erika said along with Christina during a confessional.

Erika said Rima is the girl who is stirring up the most drama in the house because she isn't acting like herself. Christina hides Rima's wallet underneath her bed. Erika says she isn't touching anyone's stuff because she doesn't want anyone touching her stuff.

When the other girls get back home, everyone decides to go out and party for Mehgan's birthday. They all put on lingerie for Lil' Jon's lingerie party. 

While at the party, Rima feels the tension between her and Erika and says, "I'm gonna do what I wanna do, you're not my mom and I'm not your little minion."

Julie senses the tension between Erika and Julie and decides to put her plan in action. She says to Erika that Rima came to her while she was drunk and said Erika was brainwashing her not to talk to her, Falon and Mehgan.

"Rima you wanna lie to Julie... It's over for you, you're out," Erika said.

When the girls get home, Rima ignores everyone and decides to give Erika her space. But, the next morning Erika doesn't hold back and she calls Rima out for being phony. Rima yells out that she doesn't remember talking about Erika to Julie while she was drunk. 

Rima walks away and feels every girl is going to go against her. She says out loud that she isn't going to bring "Charlie" (The Devil) out. Erika steps to Rima, gets in her face and dares her to bring "Charlie" out.

Next week: The girls are on a mission to break Rima and get her out of the house. And, it looks like Rima and Erika come to blows, stay tuned!