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Kanye West Blasts Gossip Site 'Media Take Out' on Stage, "They're so F*cking Full of Sh*t"

"... Just look at Media Take Out they're so f*cking full of sh*t. Show your mothaf*ckin' face so I can slap the sh*t outta you. Making up sh*t everyday."

Kanye West performed in Atlantic City this past weekend at the Revel Casino and Resort and put Media Take Out on blast for publishing false stories. This isn't the first time the urban gossip site has faced criticism for false stories. 

The Founder of Media Take Out

After saying he wants to see the face behind the site so he can smack the sh*t out of them, Kanye went on to say he is flawed as a human being and as a man and said his music is perfect. 

"This is the best you're going to get ladies and gentlemen, in this lifetime..."