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Bad Girls Club: Christina and Rima's Show Down, Mehgan Loses Her Friends and One Bad Girl Goes Home

Episode 7: "Stage Bite"

Christina and Rima get into a brawl outside by the pool
This week on the Bad Girls ClubChristina and Rima's drama continues when Christina gets in Rima's face, calls her a "punk a** b*tch," and challenges her to "get the f*ck out the pool."

It doesn't take long for Christina to throw the first swing and she hits Rima across the face. A lot of hair pulling and wrestling on the ground later, the girls battle it out before becoming separated by Ashley and the new girl Andrea.

Julie is proud to watch the fight unfold, the fight in which she says she created. Now, Julie thinks she controls the house.

After the brief separation between the two girls, Christina goes back for round two, attacks Rima again and kicks her in the face. 

Rima pulls a Mike Tyson and bites Christina in the leg and then producers come to break up them up. 

A producer tells Christina she has to go home because of the way the fight unfolded and the way the girls came to blows.

Andrea is bummed out that her buddy Christina has to leave the BGC house, and feels she will now be alone.

After the fight, Rima smells victory. Christina isn't sad about going home and feels like she made the right decision in hitting Rima.

Byeeee Christina! Ready for another new girl?

The next morning, Rima calls her so-called boyfriend to tell him about the fight and he flat out says he doesn't care, leaving Rima confused.

Mehgan notices that Falen is spending way too much time with Rima. All the girls go out to party at a nightclub and they're approached by the club manager who asks the girls if they would like to dance at the club. Rima also meets a new guy and starts to flirt and spend a lot of time with him.

The next day, all the bad girls meet up with a choreographer to learn different dance moves.

Christina says, "This is not Dancing with the Stars, I'm not a dancer and I want no part of this stupid a** dance."

She walks out the dance studio after telling the choreographer she doesn't want to do the dance moves. Julie starts dealing with insecurity issues with being the bigger girl in the house and says she can't dance.

Mehgan goes after her friend and instead of consoling Julie, she calls her out on being rude to the choreographer. Mehgan says, "Sometimes Julie is rude and as a friend, I want to let her know."

Falen and Mehgan talk Julie back into the dance studio. Julie continues to learn the moves but still deals with her weight issues. Afterwards, Julie and Mehgan get into it on the ride back home. Julie thinks Mehgan is rude as well and doesn't appreciate her talking about her insecurities. 

Julie does what she does best and gossips to Falen about Mehgan to stir up some more trouble. Falen feels Mehgan is jealous of her and Christina's friendship.

During the next couple of outings, Mehgan starts to stay to herself. Julie and Falen tell Rima that they aren't talking to Mehgan anymore ever since the day at the studio and the trio breaks up.

"Ever since day one I had Julie's back and I just don't understand," Mehgan said.

Julie says, "At the end of the day, Mehgan's attitude is getting a little tiring."

The girls receive dance outfits as gifts from their choreographer. Julie's weight issues come out again when she see's the skimpy outfits they have to perform in. 

Later on at the club, the girls party the night away, get hammered and then perform. The crowd  boos the girls as soon as they get on stage and they bomb the performance and forget the choreography. The girls know they sucked but don't care because they had a good time anyway and got paid for it.

Mehgan tells Rima that she feels like no one understands her and she feels like she's in her own little world. She says the sh*t talking in the house is preventing everyone from having fun.

Andrea doesn't understand why Mehgan bothers to go out with everyone if she's just going to continue staying to herself with an attitude.

Mehgan calls a friend back home and tells him she is sick of everyone in the house. But, she later goes out with Julie and Falen to a restaurant. 

At the table, Mehgan tells Julie, "you're rude... every time you drink you're an a**hole."

Mehgan says she's just joking but Julie can't take it anymore and thinks Mehgan is picking on her. When they return back to the house, Mehgan and Julie have an altercation over paying for a cab.

Mehgan feels like Falen is using Julie for her money because Falen gets over paying sometimes. Julie goes back and tells Falen everything Mehgan said and Falen is pissed.

Next week: Mehgan fights Rima, Falen and Julie! And, the second new girl makes her way to BGC.