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Frank Ocean Debuts 'Pyramids' Video, Lil' Wayne Takes a Jab at Ocean's Sexuality in New Song

Frank Ocean recently released the new video for "Pyramids" following his live performance this past weekend as the season opener guest on Saturday Night Live. In his new eight-minute video, Ocean stumbles through a nightclub and be warned: there is a lot of partial nudity going on. 

Ocean is definitely doing his thing lately and he's gotten a lot of support after revealing his sexuality through an open letter (read more on that HERE in case you missed it). 

But, it seems like Lil' Wayne is taking another approach at Ocean's coming out. Wayne recently dropped Ocean's name his remix of Future's "Turn on the Lights."

Wayne addresses Ocean's sexuality in a controversial line when he raps: 

"Tell her I skate / I ain't got no worries / No Frank Ocean, I'm straight." 

Ocean isn't the only star to get his name in the song, Wayne also raps, "And when we get together she be on that Miley Cyrus / Totally eat each other up like some Somalians." ... Whatever that means.

Is Lil' Wayne wrong for his comments? What do you think?

The full remix is below. And, watch Frank Ocean's new video below as well as his SNL performances for "Thinking About You" and "Pyramids."