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Bad Girls Club Season 9 Finale Recap: All the Kicked Out Bad Girls Return and Seek Revenge!

Season Finale: "Fist Fist Bang Bang"
They're back!
I'm back to blogging about the Bad Girls Club because things definitely popped off on tonight's episode when ALL the bad girls were invited for a photo shoot.

I fell off a little with my posts because the show was getting a little boring to me. What did I miss? Umm, a boring new girl came named Natasha came and replaced Meghan, she's on like three episodes. Julie and Falen are in love and had sex. Andrea finally had enough of the other girls torturing her and she left. And oh yea, I forgot the other replacement, Zuly who is a lesbian and all she did was try to get into Julie's pants.

*** Next Monday (10/22): BGC Reunion Time! This season will have a three-part reunion special, making it the first season to do so. Stay tune for my reunion posts.

So, the season finale kicks off with Julie and Falen awakening from their love fest from the night before.

Julie said they're both confused and don't know what's going on and they don't plan on telling the other girls about their hookup. Falen also said her family would disapprove of her and Julie's relationship.

Andrea writes an email to Rima and warned the bad girls that she'll see them on the reunion. 

"Anyone can talk sh*t behind a computer screen," Julie says.

Rima decides to call Andrea and she curses her out with her background posse all yelling how Andrea is gonna get her a** kicked when they see her. Sure!

"Suck my d*ck and die slow ho," Rima says ending the convo and then hangs up on Andrea. Such lady-like language!

The girls call Andrea a punk b*tch for leaving the house and talking crap from the computer.

Mike from Pink Kitty calls up and says he wants to do a photo shoot with ALL the bad girls. The girls think it will be a bunch of fun, little do they know they're about to see some old "friends."

Rima tells Falen they have a strong bond,
this makes Julie jealous
The girls head out for a good time and during their outting, Rima tells Falen she can relate to her because they come from the same background. Julie feels some type of way after overhearing Rima talking to Falen.

"I see Rima and Falen arguing about Falen like she's a dude, like really guys it's getting pathetic," Ashley says.

The girls just don't know that Julie and Falen took their friendship to another level. 

When the girls get home, Julie and Rima make up and Julie apologizes for coming at Rima wrong.

Later on during the photo shoot, the girls are told that 'other ladies' are coming to take photos with them. The other girls happen to be all the bad girls who got kicked out this season: Erika, Christina, Mehgan and Andrea.

"The real bad girls are back in Cabo," Mehgan says. "I can't wait to see these b*tches faces when we walk back in."

Christina is already waiting to hit somebody. Awkward silence happens when the four kicked out girls walked in. Then, all the girls pose together like one big happy family.

"The four boogers that got flicked out of the house are back in the damn house," Falen says. "I feel like the garbage disposal just regurgitated and brought it back up."

The photo shoot is over and Mehgan is ready for war!  She didn't come dressed for a photo shoot, she came dressed for fighting; wearing a t-shirt, army shorts and sneakers!

"Anybody want their revenge? I came to fight I'ma be honest, anybody wanna fight?" Mehgan says to the other girls. 

She tells Falen that Julie talked mad sh*t about her which sparks an argument between Mehgan and Julie. Mehgan tells Falen she doesn't want to fight her and says she hopes they can be friends afterwards. She tells Julie she's done fighting her but she has a bone to pick with Ashley.

Mehgan tells Ashley that she's gonna slap her before she leaves because Ashley grew some balls and jumped people after she left the house. Christina yells out "and nobody better jump in!"

Mehgan got up in Ashley's face and did what she said, she slapped the crap out of Ashley! Ashley kicked Mehgan off of her then Mehgan grabbed Ashley's leg and dragged her off her chair.

"I don't wanna fight right now!," Ashley screams out.

Andrea starts yelling and reminds Ashley that she helped jumped her when Rima and Falen jumped in on her and Julies fight. Andrea is smiling with joy that she has Erika, Christina and Mehgan on her side since they're all against the other girls.

Erika calls Rima a punk a** b*itch and says out loud, "Only thing you're bad at is fighting and being a mom and I'm right here b*tch!" Then, Erika gets in her face and dances saying, "what the f*ck you gonna do b*tch?"

None of the other girls have nothing to say and they all sit there with their legs crossed.

Christina calls them punk a** b*tches and wants them to fight back. Falen stands up and Christina dares Falen to do something. 

Christina pushes Falen down twice and Julie tries to step in. Mehgan runs over and tells Julie she better not step in. Julie backs down and watches Falen and Christina battle it out. Security comes and Christina, Erika, Mehgan and Andrea leave.

"I'm over these dumpster juice, bottom of the barrel tricks," Erika says. "Like, I'ma save everything for the reunion. But this is definitely not the last you'll see of me."

Natasha realizes that her roommates are all talk and no bite after seeing them not wanting to fight the other girls.

Falen and Julie make excuses for not fighting and said they do things on their own terms and they're the ones who made it to the end. Hmm mmm.

Later on, they all go out and party on their last night. Once they get back home, Rima buries Andrea's picture in the dirt outside and talks hella crap to the photo.

Why didn't she say all those things to Andrea's face during the photo shoot?

Julie doesn't know where her relationship with Falen is going to go. Falen says she's in love with Julie and would take care of her. They both don't know what they want, but they have sex again... so it looks like.

The next day, it's time for the girls to pack up and say their goodbyes. Peace out season 9... until the reunion!

Falen, Julie, Rima, Ashley and Zuly behind the scenes at the BGC 9 reunion


  1. I have lost track of all the fights, and who-hates-who-and-why from “Bad Girls Club 9.” I really do not understand how the reunion could be split into three parts? I’ve decided to watch the reunion since I’ve invested so much in the season, but I will miss it when it premieres because of my new work schedule at DISH. I hope they discuss the last photo shoot episode, as it appeared the girls of the house lost their will to fight the outcast members. My Hopper is set to record the upcoming reunion, and with all the DVR recording space I’ve decided to record the new season of “My Shopping Addiction.” This show will be a welcome change from the “Bad Girls Club.”


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