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Kanye West Flips Out on a Photographer After Reggie Bush Question


Kanye West does not want to be reminded of Kim Kardashian's past relationships!

Kim and Kanye's recent Miami date night got interrupted by paparazzi. In Touch magazine reports that they both bumped into Reggie Bush a, Kim's ex, and his pregnant girlfriend while leaving an upscale steakhouse.

"Kim and Kanye had a very discreet dinner in a private room with the curtains drawn at Prime Hotel while Reggie was with his girlfriend across the street at Prime Italian," an eyewitness told the magazine. 

"Kim and Kanye got there around 5:30 p.m. and made a big scene when they exited two hours later."

Kim is always known for drawing a crowd from just wearing her curve fitting outfits. She drew even more attention to herself recently when she wore a tight fitting pencil skirt that was sheer in the back. Photographers clicked away and one female photographer got bold enough to yell out:

"Kim did you know Reggie is here having dinner? Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?"

Recent news just revealed that Reggie Bush, whom Kim dated before marrying Kris Humphries, is expecting to be a father. Rumors also spread that Kim was upset over the fact that he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Well things got more heated with photographers, according to TMZ. Kanye reportedly lost it on the female photographer. According to reports, that question sent Kanye into a rage, and he rushed after the photographer and attempted to grab her camera, until he was able to intimidate her into leaving. 
According to the website, Kim was amused by the altercation, as a smile never left her face the whole time.
After the pair drove off in a Rolls Royce Phantom, the female paparazzi told other photographers, "Kanye West just tried to beat me up."
Ha! Those paps sure know how to get under peoples skin and create entertaining drama.