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Evelyn Lozada Goes Naked for Peta, Gets a Birthday Wish From Her Ex Chad Johnson, Plus She Corrects Gloria Govan

On Monday night, Basketball Wives LA season 2 came to an end and it is pretty clear that not everyone is getting along... what else is new!

Gloria Govan and season 2 new addition, Bambi carried their beef from the show unto the reunion as Bambi said she doesn't understand why Gloria is even on the show since she doesn't allow the cameras into her whole life.

Gloria said she doesn't understand why Bambi is even on the show period as a rapper. Gloria then made a comment to remind all the ladies on the stage, it is because of her that there is even a spin-off Basketball Wives show to begin with.

*** Peep more photos of Evelyn below ***
Well, Evelyn Lozada from the original BBW, was quick to respond to Gloria's statement and she said Shaunie O'neal and a team of other professionals are responsible for the creation of Basketball Wives LA, not Gloria Govan.
Addressing Gloria Monday night, Evelyn said she just wanted to make it clear since Gloria failed to tell "the truth" during the reunion. She tweeted:
"I just need to make something clear. It is because of Shaunie O'neal creating BBW (Basketball Wives) Miami, Shed Media & VH1 that there is a "SPIN-OFF" #CarryOn," Evelyn shared via Twitter.
"I usually don't comment and stay in my lane, but the truth is the truth. Let me continue enjoying my dinner. Thanks to my followers who stay updating me with everything."
Shaunie O'neal then decided to speak out after seeing Evelyn address Gloria's comment:
"Thank u Boo," Shaunie O'neal said in response to Evelyn. "I've been telling myself to put the phone down. I won't address trash lol."
Evelyn has also revealed her first ad for PETA where she appeared nude in the winter themed ad, laying in artificial snow. Evelyn said, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." Peep the pic below:
Evelyn unveils her PETA ad

"Animals are pretty much tortured [for their fur.] I couldn’t see the whole video because it was very, very sad. I own five dogs, I am an animal lover and it just changed my views on wearing fur. I have fur coats, I have shoes that have fur, I have scarves that have fur. I was very much into fur so for me to not wear it, I just feel like I am a voice for the animals and if I change one person’s mind on wearing fur, then I feel like I have done something."


In related news, Evelyn just celebrated her 37th birthday and posted pics on Instagram of the catsuit she wore. She said: "Front view.. 37 never looked so good! @jskystyle"

Her ex-husband Chad Johnson gave Evelyn a birthday message via Twitter:
Which translates into: "Happy birthday, my love. I am waiting for the day that I can give you a hug again. I hope god is with you and I hope that he keeps you safe."
Evelyn replied:
Which means: "Thank you for my birthday wish. I miss you so much."
Like Cherry Martinez said this morning on Power 105.1... what is up with all the domestic violence relationships reconnecting? - Like Rihanna and Chris Brown. Will Chad and Evelyn get back together too? Oh boy!