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LISTEN: Justin Bieber's New Song About Selena Gomez "Nothing Like Us," and Justin is Rooting For Chris Brown to Win a Grammy

Justin Bieber's latest song "Nothing Like Us" has him pining for an old flame.
A heartbroken 18-year-old Justin Bieber recently released new music, "Nothing Like Us" which is a new song about his breakup with former girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The song - one that Bieber wrote himself - is one of the few new tracks off of his new acoustic album, Believe Acoustic, which is out today. In the song, Bieber admits that he's lost in confusion and asks, "Girl, why did you push me away?"

"I wish I could give you what you deserve/ Cause nothing could ever, ever replace you/ Nothing could ever make me feel like you do," he sings.

Aww, feeeeeelings and young, fresh love! Selena was Justin's first love.

Look out for Bieber when he makes his television hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on Feb. 9, the night before the Grammy awards. Also, Bieber told Billboard he would not be attending the Grammy awards ceremony in Los Angeles. He was not nominated for any Grammy's this year, but he will be rooting for Chris Brown

Bieber said, "I'm a fan [of Chris Brown]. His music is really good. That's what they should focus on: the music."

Well, I think a lot of people are focusing on that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean parking lot brawl that just happened. But hey, the music counts too, right?

Check out Bieber's new song HERE.