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K. Michelle Gossips About Chad Johnson and Leaving 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Plus, Listen to Her New Single "V.S.O.P"

K. Michelle is one funny chick, and she's very entertaining to watch and hear. After watching last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle has me believing she is cuckoo for real! Lol. She said she puts salt around the bed while she's entertaining male guests, to keep the sex demons away! What!??
She entertained me even more during her interview this morning on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club radio show where she dished on the gossip of being courted by Chad Johnson (who just got arrested and is out on bail up by the way). She also talked about being with a woman before, leaving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for the New York spin-off, and she added her two cents about her ex Knicks player J.R. Smith and Rihanna.

 K. Michelle confirmed a release date for her album Rebellious Soul. She announced via Twitter that the album will come out July 30th. Her first single off the album, "V.S.O.P" is already making waves on the radio and internet, and I really like the song! As crazy as she seems, K. Michelle can actually sing really good.

You can catch K. Michelle on 106 & Park tonight at 6 p.m. where she will be co-hosting the countdown show along with regular host Bow Wow.

Check out snippets of her radio interview and watch in full below:
On leaving Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:
“It’s just time to go. I got some other stuff popping off. They are actually bringing me to ‘Love & Hip Hop New York.’ I do have my own show [as well].” 
“Coming to New York is basically setting up my own show. It’ll kind of be my own show within ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ You really won’t see me with – you know.”
Is her ex J.R. Smith is really “desert thirsty” like Rihanna says he is: 
“That ain’t have nothing to do with me. But that one, she said what she needed to say to that young man so… I don’t know [if he's desert thirsty]. When it comes to him, I said my peace. Good luck with it.”
On Chad Johnson buying her a pet monkey:
“Yes, he did. You can’t bring the monkey to New York, so the monkey is in Florida and I’ve been trying to find it a home. Chad approached me and he tried to date me and I was like, ‘No, I don’t want no shoes. Everybody get shoes man. I want a monkey.’”
Has she slept with Chad?
“I thought it was a sweet gesture. And no, we have not slept together. I been through a lot with this dating thing. I spoke to Chad yesterday. We are friends and I think that’s what it needs to be. I think I hopped into something that I shouldn’t have hopped into so quickly last time and I feel like now I have to pace it.” 
“We are going to dinner and we are being friends. We’re talking on the phone. He’s courting.”
“He’s really nice. I’m getting to know him as a friend."