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Rumor Has It... Beyonce is Preggies with Second Child, Baby Bump is Showing? (Photos)

Will Blue Ivy have a brother or sister to play with soon? There's been a lot of gossip going around saying Beyonce is pregnant with her second child. 

She is really busy at the moment as the new face of an H&M ad campaign and performing sold-out shows on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour (a tour that I haven't been able to get tickets for!)

Recently on Good Morning America, Beyonce gushed about Blue Ivy and revealed that she definitely wants more children. (Watch the interview below)

“I think my daughter needs some company,” Beyonce said on GMA. I love being a big sister. At some point, when it’s supposed to happen.”

Supposedly, a source close to the singer tells that Beyonce is about two months along in her second pregnancy.  

A new fan photos from her May 4 concert  in London reveals a growing baby bump. MTO's source says that’s why Beyonce has been only allowing professional photographers from her team to take photos of her concerts instead of outside photography agencies.

Beyonce Pregnant
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“Only photos that do not show her stomach up close are released to the public,” the source tells

This insider also tells the site that Beyonce is planning on making the official announcement at the BET Awards on June 30.

Well, IF this is true, making the announcement at the BET Awards seems like something Beyonce would do as she made the surprise preggies announcement about Blue Ivy at the Video Music Awards in 2011. 

But, this is Media Take Out's source, eh. Sometimes the media wants a celebrity to be pregnant so they create stories about the rumors.

AND, these photos could be photo shopped. Beyonce will reveal the news on Beyonce time. So I guess we just have to wait for Blue Ivy's parents to make the official announcement.