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Are Super Short Bangs the New Look? These Celebs Tend to Think So! and #Beyoncebangs Funny Memes

In middle school, I cut my own bangs with a regular scissor I used for homework. With one cut, I chopped off my bangs and instantly regretted it. Why? Because I knew I messed up big time and my bangs were waaaay too short. Then it felt like forever when they finally grew back. Lesson learned.

But leave it to Beyonce to bring that style out which is generating a lot of buzz. Love it or hate, Queen Bey is rocking a new hairdo and a questionable look for some. 

Just last week, Bey was out and about in London, strolling around and being photographed by the paps with super short bangs. 

Immediately social media jumped right on Bey's new hairdo and #Beyoncebangs started trending on Twitter with people poking fun at Bey's new hairstyle. Yes, her bangs got their own hashtag ya'll, lol. Read a couple of funny tweets below:

"Soooo everyone is talking about buuuuuuut they're not even " -  Oct 16

"Solange should take B's hairdresser for an elevator ride " Oct 16 

This hashtag also came to life on Instagram with some pretty funny memes comparing Beyonce's hairdo to Jim Carrey's in Dumb and Dumber (as shown below). 

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The super short bang look has made its way over to Lady Gaga! She was photographed in Manchester on Monday with the super low look. Although people are saying Gaga copied Beyonce, this isn't the first time Gaga has rocked this look. 

Maybe Gaga is the one who inspired Beyonce to try the short bang cut in the first place, who knows!

Who wore it best? And do you think this is the new IN style? 

Check out some of the funny memes floating around about Beyonce's hair.

This one is messed up, poor Michelle! Lol ... okay, they are all messed up. But kind of funny, no? That Jim Carrey meme definitely was funny. But, I still love Beyonce and she still looks fierce!
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