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Recap: 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' Premiere

Episode 1 Recap: "Bad Girls Don't Cry"
... But, Judi does!
Who is your favorite bad girl in the house?
Heyyy to all my Bad Girls Club fans out there!  

You know I love this show and I've been watching since the very beginning. Its been awhile since I've recapped a BGC show and I have to talk about the new season: Bad Girls Club: Redemption where nine of the "baddest bad girls" are back together for season 13 and they are trying to better their lives.

I must point out that I wish Tanisha (from season 3) and Flo (from season 4) were on this season as long as some other choices, but hey, the show looks good so far! So let's get right into a recap from last night.

The first episode is basically the Judi show... you know her from season 7 as the "I got the voodoo for you b*tches" chick... yea, her.  

Before even coming into the house, Judi starts worrying whether or not Natalie is going to be on this season. These two haven't gotten along since BGC All-Star Battle 2 which started Twitter beef.

But, what's an all-star season without Ms. 'I Run L.A.' herself. So of course Natalie Nunn is in the house! And, she makes it known she's still "THAT B*TCH."

Natalie is the classic bad girl. She's one of the oldest in the house. Her and Sarah are both 29, and Natalie is the only bad girl from an older season (By older season, I mean the first five seasons of BGC.) She even says everything these new bad girls are doing, she already did in her season.

So Natalie walks in the house and big booty Sarah instantly clicks with her. And, of course, there are very few girls in the house who are looking to be friends with Natalie. We all know Natalie is going to be the center of the drama this season, as usual.

Natalie says she met Sarah before she was on season 11 of BGC at a strip club where she used to go to with rappers. She said she used to tip Sarah and put singles in her booty!

"I've thrown some ones on that fat a** for sure," Natalie says laughing.

But who is not instantly clicking with Sarah... Camilla!

The Breakdown: BGC Redemption 1301
Camilla known as Ms. "I'm not the one!"
Camilla has this beef with Sarah from something Sarah said while on another reality show, Real Mistresses of Atlanta.  

Sarah made a comment about why black men don't want black vaginas and basically said her white vagina is better. So Camilla wasn't having that comment and pulled Sarah to the side as soon as she walked into the house. Sarah said that comment was taken out of context and the network did that to make her look bad.

Well, it looks like these two just won't get along for the remainder of the season. But guess who seems like they're okay now? Redd and Jada who are from season 12. These two ladies fought a couple of times last season, but both of them are now saying they squashed their beef and it's in the past. So, they're cool... well, for now.

LEAKED: BGC Redemption 1303 - Judi Throws a Drink
How long will Jada go without arguing with Redd?
Back to the Judi show...

After a night out at the club and a night of drinking for Judi, she has a one-on-one with Natalie in the kitchen. Judi says to Natalie, you don't have a bad heart. Judi wants to know why Natalie doesn't like her. Natalie tells Judi this isn't the case, she just thinks Judi is crazy, point blank.

Natalie also reveals that she had to block Judi on all her social media accounts for five years and this was before Judi premiered on her season of the Bad Girls Club.

Natalie says, "she has been obsessed with me. She can't get it together and that bothers me. You don't want to see 'season 4' Natalie."

Oh, I do!! Bring season 4 Natalie out soon because she's very entertaining!

Judi says to Natalie, "I'm such a nice and loveable person and I just want to be friends with everyone." 

Friends with everyone? Umm, no! This is the Bad Girls Club, Judi. 

And, Judi seems nice and all but I think it's sad to see her desperately seeking attention and wanting to be liked by Natalie. Smh. It must be Natalie's popularity that is attracting Judi. But while Judi is busy kissing Natalie's butt, she starts acting paranoid with her "true" friends: Danni and Julie.
"The last thing you ever wanna do is second guess your friendship with Julie and I because that would be your mother f*ck*n' downfall," Danni says to Judi.

The girls head out to a restaurant and Judi orders a martini. Now she knows out of everyone, she should NOT be drinking. 

"I drink a lot because I feel like I need to be a little more less nervous," Judi said. "I love liquor because I feel like I can be myself." 

Is Judi crazy? Just a little?
Judi starts to get jealous when she sees Julie talking to other girls in the house. She starts thinking Danni and Julie aren't her true friends anymore and she tells Danni everyone, including her, is fake in the house.

"It's such a slap in the face that out of everyone you're going to attack me," Julie says. "You can't come at people crazy." 

"I didn't, bitch!" Judi screams back at Julie.

"You called me a bitch!? I'm done," Julie says and walks away.

Later on and back at the house, Redd confronts Judi when she see's Judi has another drink in her hand. Redd tells her to put the cup down and wants Judi to realize she has a drinking problem.

Later on, Judi gets into it with Danni. "You're acting like a psycho three-year-old," Danni says.

Judi feels a certain way because she says Danni doesn't talk to her like that on a normal basis. Judi then tells Danni she has gotten a lot of slack from other people for hanging out with her and Julie.

Danni loses her cool and tells Judi not to be friends with her. Judi tries to explain what she meant and she puts her hands on Danni, nothing crazy, but Danni gets mad and yells at Judi to take her hands off. Judi says, "Or what?" 

"You and I will never be cool again!," Danni says to Judi.

Danni doesn't feel comfortable with Judi sleeping in her room anymore and tells her to move out. Judi says she was good friends with Danni and Julie, and she even slept at their houses. But now she's on the couch.

Looks like house drama has already broken up a friendship, but then again, can bad girls truly be friends? Are these ladies really going to change for the better? 

Until next week!


Miss the first episode? Don't sweat it! ... watch Bad Girls Club: Redemption episode 1 here

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