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Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea Got Internet Beef!? Say It Ain't So!

Snoop Dogg is wild! Him and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea recently got into a bit of a social media beef. It all started when Snoop Dogg cracked jokes on Instagram over the way Iggy looked without makeup. 

*See the memes Snoop posted after the jump and Iggy's response!

This meme has been floating around on Instagram recently
Then, just yesterday, Snoop shared a photo of himself with a blonde wig and said, "Snoop Dogg & Iggy Azalea Beef!?" 

He called out Iggy in his caption, "So says Todd cool out lil sis he was only jokin Sike. U b*tch u !!"

Here is Snoop as "Todd"
Snoop then went on to post Marlon Wayans' character in White Chicks on his Instagram and said, "So we just gonna ignore the fact that Iggy look like Marlon from White Chicks."

This isn't the first time I've heard the comparison. Just a month ago a meme was floating around with Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, calling them the new "white chicks."

"Ok last one. Hahahahaha I didn't make this s--t up I jus post smoke n chill Hahahahahahah. So says Todd," Snoop captioned his own comparison image. 

While some people were leaving funny comments and laughing at the memes, one user posted a comment to Snoop saying, "aren't you a little to old for this childish behavior, even a 2 year old knows not to hurt other peoples feeling just because they think it's funny."

Iggy responded to Snoop in a series of Twitter messages. One tweet said, "Every time I've ever spoken to you you've always been nice as hell, I'm disappointed you'd be such an a** for no reason."

Snoop just posted on Instagram another meme, and we already know who it's directed towards...

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