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Updated! Tony Rock Calls Bow Wow's Fiancé Erica Mena a "Full Blown Whore" on Twitter, Ouch! ... Bow Wow Responds*6ZFuLsTz615cvrFuTbLwU-vZQjLh2On-qZ9UcQZvBAxlTf5TzZf32nZyp9X4ko4in5TpFrGg8L9FYCpsYbvvvwjxI43WZ2W/bopwwwwwww.jpg

*Update: Bow Wow did send the goons after Tony! Well, according to his Facebook post which read:

"The homies just dropped the dime on Tony Rock. I just got the call. I toldem press go. Dont f*** w/a mans family homie."

Original Post:

Love em' or hate em' Bow Wow (Shad Moss) and Erica Mena are in fact an item and they set their wedding date for April 2015.He posted on Facebook:

"Date is set... Im getting married in April! My pimp card has expired!!! And i couldn't be any happier."

As previously posted, Bow Wow is the host of the music video show 106 & Park and it was recently announced the show will be cancelled on-air. Well, comedian Tony Rock took it upon himself to poke some fun at Bow Wow when he tweeted out:

"106 and Park cancelled. Is the Bow Wow/Erica Mena wedding still on?"

Tony then followed up with this tweet:

"I ain't even hatin on Bow Wow. Every n*gga falls in love with a full blown whore once in his life."

Well, daaayyuumm! Harsh or nah? 

I mean, we all know Erica Mena (if you've watched her on Love & Hip Hop) is no angel, but you can't go calling out the man's wife on social media and not expect some sort of backlash for it. 

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Well, there's no surprise when Tony actually got a response from Bow Wow who tweeted out:

"@TONYROCK ill have a talk w/ you when i see you. Face to face cuz"

Oh snap! Fighting words! Hahaa. Did Bow Wow send out his goons!? Well, hopefully nothing too crazy happens, Bow Wow does have a wedding to plan. I don't even know why he is entertaining this with a response though!?

And, Erica seems to be doing what it takes to make a good future wife to Bow Wow. She recently announced in an interview with VIBE magazine that she is quitting Love & Hip Hop and reality TV all together.

"My man don't need a girl that's on TV, my man needs a girl by his side," Erica said during her interview.

Erica also spoke about her and Bow Wow's relationship as well as her exes and said:

"... Either you can tame me, or you can’t. And now, I’m finally in a relationship where I’m being tamed. But I’m able to actually be a woman, be submissive and play that role..."

Although she's done with reality TV now, so she says, Erica will be on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop New York airing in December but Bow Wow will not make an appearance. I can't wait to see how her exes react on the show to her engagement news. 

Read more about Bow Wow and Erica Mena and how they met HERE.

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