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Chris Brown & Trey Songz Woo the Ladies at 'Between The Sheets' Tour, Bras Are Thrown Onstage

Photo credit: Instagram
Chris Brown and Trey Songz are definitely putting a spell over the ladies while on their Between The Sheets tour... just the name of the tour alone is enough.

A friend of mine attended their Philly concert Wednesday night (Feb. 18) and said ladies were throwing their bras on the stage! Trey even put a bra in his pocket and said, "thank you, baby."

Chris also asked the crowd, 'how many men brought their ladies out' to the concert, and he called them brave, lol.

Chris Brown performing at the IZOD center
in New Jersey Friday night
(Photo credit: Instagram user @yoitsgianna)

Last night (Feb. 21), Chris and Trey hit up the IZOD center in New Jersey. Check out the video below of Chris holding someone's bra onstage.

Trey Songz performing at the IZOD center
in New Jersey Friday night
Photo credit: (Instagram user @yoitsgianna)

This is why the ladies go crazy...

Chris performs "Take You Down" and humps the floor:

And, he has dance moves for days:

Of course, all of the ladies want to know Trey's name:

Trey takes his shirt off, the ladies go nuts:

 Photo credit: Instagram

Tyga hypes up the crowd while rapping to "Loyal" and "Ayo"
(Photo credit: Instagram user @yoitsgianna)

I'm sure Trey was happy with the bras thrown onstage. He revealed a couple of years ago that he actually keeps the collection of panties and bras thrown at him... AND, he doesn't wash them. Oop!

I don't understand why ladies do that. A Victoria Secret bra averages around $50 to $100, bras and underwear are not cheap! I'll be damned, lol.

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