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WATCH: Karrueche Tran Discusses Her Tumultuous Relationship with Chris Brown, Admits to Still Loving Him


Last night, Karrueche's interview with Iyanla Vanzant aired on the OWN network where she discussed her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown.

Two quick things I want to point out:
1) Time is very valuable
2) You cannot change a man

While watching the interview, I learned Karrueche has a huge heart and I like how positive and humble she is. She owned up to her mistakes and like she said, we're all human.

Now, will she ever go back to Chris Brown? Well, when asked that question, there was a looooong pause, and she said not right now, but she still loves him.

A couple of other quick notes about the interview:

At times I wanted to hear Karrueche speak more and Iyanla Vanzant would cut her off. 

Karrueche posted this message yesterday on her Instagram
before her interview aired last night... sort of a disclaimer.
There's also a point in the interview when Karrueche revealed how one night she was with Chris and he stepped out and said he'll be right back. She later found out Chris went to a Lakers game with his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Rihanna! Pictures were blasted all over the internet! 

Karrueche also reveals how she first met Chris, where the two went on their first date and she later discussed how she found out when news broke Chris is a father of a 9-month-year-old girl.

Overall, I think the interview was just okay. At one point, Karrueche's manager stepped in to stop the interview from filming, but Karrueche agrees to continue. I think after that, Iyanla played it safe and asked simple questions. 

You be the judge! Check out the full interview below and leave a comment below on your thoughts!


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