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Dafuq!? A Mom Throws a Wild, Naked Twister Party For Her 16-Year-Old Daughter

This news is wild!

I just read a story in the Daily News and I'm over here like 'oh em geeee! What the hell is wrong with people!?'

A 35-year-old mother from Georgia just lost custody of her five kids, yes five, for throwing a crazy party for her 16-year-old daughter and her friends. 

They (the mother, the daughter and a bunch of her teenage friends) played naked twister, smoked weed and drank alcohol, this was all bought by the mother.

The mother also found an 18-year-old to have a private party with, and they had sex, according to a sheriff's report (via: Daily News). Later on, the mother passed out and the daughters boyfriend raped the mother. This ish is cray cray!

Read the full story over here at the Daily News and peep their headline too, LOL! Lawd, the world we live in these days!

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