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Dafuq!? An Ohio Man is Granted $1 Million for Being Wrongfully Imprisoned For 39 Years!

I just came across this story on my Facebook feed where a black man from Ohio was locked up for 39 years on murder charges. But, check this... this man - whose name is Ricky Jackson - was recently released from prison last month and the state is offering $1 million because he was wrongfully convicted!

So, they give this man just a million for locking him up for something he didn't even do!? He spent half of his life in jail! 

Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman (who was wrongfully convicted of murder along with Jackson) have been marked as the longest-serving exonerees in U.S. history. 

If that was me, better keep my ass in jail because once I'm out after all of this, I'm going off on somebody and a real crime will be committed. 

This is a damn shame. Smh. Read the full story here

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